Alex King

MARRIED: August 17th, DUMBO, Brooklyn.


GROOM DEETS: "My husband's name is Isaac Lyle. He directs an art gallery in Chelsea and looks like a really thuggy cherub. At his bachelor party in Atlantic City, a tattoo artist inked my name on his butt."


WE CONTRIBUTED: Our custom Wren Goddess Dress, bridal bouquet and fresh flower halo.


RANDOM FACT: "I walked down the aisle to 'Baby I Love You' by The Ramones. We served barbecue and Negroni Fizzes and everyone danced and made out with each other. At one point two of my bridesmaids began a break dancing contest across the Brooklyn cobblestones. At two AM we took the party back to the Ludlow Hotel, where we ran through the halls barefoot before falling asleep in our giant bath tub."


SFB IN 10 WORDS OR LESS: "All the thrill of the wedding dress chase with major heart and soul. Not ten words. Sorry/not sorry."