Ashley Patterson

MARRIED: May 2014 on the beach in Tulum, Mexico.



GROOM DEETS: “His name is Bryan Nunez. He's a human rights activist, technologist, and expert on digital security. He's the nicest person I've ever known and he can also bring down the house at karaoke with the Backstreet Boys’ ‘I Want It That Way.’”



WE CONTRIBUTED: Our Wren goddess dress.



RANDOM FACT: “There was a crazy storm off the coast of Belize and it rained most of our wedding day. Our amazing coordinator Maju literally put a butcher knife in the ground to keep the rain away. It stopped just long enough for our ceremony and dinner. After dinner came tons of dancing in the rain...and tons of tequila. It was perfect.”



SFB IN 10 WORDS OR LESS: “A breath of fresh air. Traditional wedding boutiques are terrifying.”