Britt Peterson

MARRIED: “We were officially married in Sydney, Australia, April 11, 2012. But our celebration party/reception was in LA, in Laurel Canyon at a friends home on October 26, 2012.”



GROOM DEETS: "My husbands name is Cory Jal Davis. He is a gorgeous wood worker/furniture builder. Ben Harper actually tours with one of the custom lap steel guitars my husband built."



WE CONTRIBUTED: Our Ryan Roche Halter dress.



RANDOM FACT: "For our wedding party I had ordered five small cakes, three different kinds, from Sweet Lady Janes in LA. When my friend came home from picking up the cakes she had nine. They had messed up the order and we had to move out all of the food from the fridge to store them all. I was in heaven.”



SFB IN 10 WORDS OR LESS: "Simple perfection for the modern day goddess.”