Helena Rodinov

MARRIED: July, 2014, on an island in the Stockholm Archipelago.


GROOM DEETS: “My husband, Claes Bondelid, is a designer and entrepreneur. After having lived an Elizabeth Taylor/Richard Burton love story, we have finally reached peace together. He makes every day an adventure. Also, nothing sets him off like the sight of a tick.” 


RANDOM FACT: “All 150 guests cried their eyes out while we were saying our vows. It was a love bomb!”


WE CONTRIBUTED: Our Tatia halo with silk flowers & detachable veil and an 1890s Second Life embroidered lace sheath dress.


SFB IN 10 WORDS OR LESS: “True salvation. Unperfectly perfect. Like someone had taken all my thoughts, ideas, dreams of my wedding and made them come true.”