Nicole Shabtai


MARRIED: July 20, 2013 at The Beverly Hills Hotel.


GROOM DEETS: "His name is Doug Mand. He's the dopest, hottest, most talented comedy writer in the game. He currently writes for the show 'How I Met Your Mother.' My husband has a popular podcast called 'Doodie Calls with Doug Mand,' where comedians tell personal poop stories. My husband loves nothing more than a good poop story. I'm the luckiest."


WE CONTRIBUTED: An eighteen foot silk tulle veil with eighteen hand embroidered freshwater pearls, silk flowers and vintage lace trim.


RANDOM FACT: "Our wedding was initially going to be on July 13, 2013. We booked the hotel, the band, the photographer, everything - well, almost everything. We didn't have a Rabbi yet, but we know lots of Rabbis (not to brag, but my family is swimming in Rabbis). So I send out digital save the dates and I'm feeling pretty great. Three days later, my parents call me to say that we can't get married July 13th. 'Scusi?' Apparently, they were chatting with one of their Rabbi friends who explained that the date we had chosen is referred to as Tisha B'av, which is 'A day regarded as the saddest day in the Jewish Calender, it is a day destined for tragedy.' Ooops? We cancelled everything, and sent out a retraction save the date. It featured a photo of our dog Sheldon wearing a tuxedo, and we blamed the whole thing on him."


SFB IN 10 WORDS OR LESS: "Everything. Thank G-d for Molly and SFB."