Sara Spieker


MARRIED: May, 2014, at The River Cafe in DUMBO, Brooklyn. 


GROOM DEETS: "Before we met, Steffen was a DJ in NYC. Stage name was his fave French 70's furniture designer, Pierre Paulin. No joke, I thought he was French until he opened his mouth and had an American accent." 


WE CONTRIBUTED: Our Nomia Delta dress.  


RANDOM FACT(s):"Our British friend Louise married us and we wrote our entire ceremony together. 80% of our guests cried. My dad tossed bags of potato chips out to the crowd during his speech (long story...) and we finished the night with a ride back to Williamsburg with 80 of our friends & family on the top deck of a double decker tour bus...singing songs at the top of our lungs." 


SFB IN 10 WORDS OR LESS: "I felt like MYSELF in this gorgeous dress - that feeling is priceless.”