Stephanie Janssen

MARRIED: May 2013 at the Green Building in Brooklyn.


GROOM DEETS: "My husband is the wonderful Wally Krantz. He is a graphic designer and is the Worldwide Creative Director at The Brand Union. It took him ten years of seeing me around our shared neighborhood before he actually said hello."


WE CONTRIBUTED: A Wren Goddess dress and Electric Feathers half moon belt.


RANDOM FACT: "Our officiant, our dear friend Emily, was in a bike accident in the Five Borough Bike Tour two weeks before the wedding and had to have surgery on her arm only days before the big event. She performed the ceremony with her arm in a sling."


SFB IN 10 WORDS OR LESS: "The dress I dreamed of without any of the bullshit I dreaded. Easiest decision of the whole event (except the saying yes to the groom part). I couldn't have been happier, or felt more beautiful in my dress. I'm so grateful."