Nicole Murphy Nelson

MARRIED: July 18th, 2015 at Brooklyn Winery
GROOM DEETS: "Anders is a lawyer by day, drummer by night. He loves cooking, sports with balls, at home karaoke, stained glass, swimming in really cold water, and the near perfect combination of a really terrible Lifetime movie and a glass of whiskey."
WE CONTRIBUTED: "A silk, hand-dyed floral headpiece. The flowers were dyed to reflect the wine toned wedding palette. The back was a string of my late grandmother's vintage pearls, incorporated so I could keep her close to me on the day."
RANDOM FACT: "Anders proposed unexpectedly during a day trip upstate. I was taking zombie portraits for my costume/smoothie blog Cloak and Blender. For over an hour he watched and recorded me spewing green juice from my mouth, in full rabid zombie mode. Little did I know this would be the image associated with the day we got engaged. He proposed in the middle of a field overlooking the Hudson, while I still had traces of zombie make-up on my face."
SFB IN 10 WORDS OR LESS: "Choose your own adventure."