Fox Du Jour

Dee Poku

On L.A., Women’s Leadership and Drake and Rihanna's Wedding

Lili K

On Chicago, Chance The Rapper, and Costa Rican Weddings

Kate Schelter

On Classic Style, Mine Cut Diamonds + Her Parents’ Pennsylvania Wedding

Lucinda Trask

On the Chinatown Bus, Soft Fabrics + Love At First Sight

Shirley Erskine-Schreyer

On Cleopatra’s Wedding, Wunderhaus + Watermelon Shots

Lucie McQuilkan

On Fresh Flower Crowns, Physical Bravery and Pagan Weddings

Erica Taylor

On Running A Business, Disco Ball Shoes + That Time Her Dog Was A Flower Girl

Anahita Moussavian

On Lawyers, Oscar De La Renta, and Real Love

Lacey Schwartz

On Leaning In, Little White Lies And Imperfect Love

Margherita Missoni

On Taffeta, True Romance and Italian Countryside Weddings

Lauren Chan

On Full Time Jobs, Team Sports + Chrissy Teigen's Wedding

Elinor Vanderburg

Elinor Vanderburg On Water Fairies, Lineages Of Women And Life After ‘I do’


ShiShi Rose

On Coretta Scott King, Boys Becoming Ballerinas + The Beauty Of Love (Not Marriage!)
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