Sloane Crosley

Fox Du'Jour Sloane Crosley on Bestsellers, Bunnies and Bitching About Your Husband

Who: Sloane Crosley, Author, Bookworm, Bunny Lover


Why She’s Foxy: Because she’s a (two time!) New York Times Bestselling author whose believes in imperfect love, a decent green juice and the power of the perfect story. 

On Writing: "The first story I wrote was an allegory about baby bunnies. I was eight years old. The bunnies' parents got shot, and they had to figure out how to get the carrots. This was essentially meant to convey to my own parents that they shouldn’t help me too much with my homework. I know. Anyway, I grew up in Westchester. It was a 401k-diorama-friendly-pressure-cooker-suburban-situation; it never occurred to me that writing fiction would be my profession.  My parents always encouraged me to write, but it was more of a viable hobby than a life. I used to want to be an archeologist – which isn’t particularly viable for most people either — but I taught myself to read hieroglyphics when I was a kid. In college I learned how to clean cow bones from the 19th century with a toothbrush. And then I broke one.” 

On Routine: "I get up around eight. I don't drink coffee. In the morning I like to have a green juice or a yogurt, or I’ll pay for a smoothie with agave and goji berries and nonsense. Sometimes I’ll write in bed in my pajamas all morning. I have to write in the morning because it's when my head is most clear. So if I start writing in bed and it’s going well, that’s where I stay. I don't know anyone who could start writing or sustain inspiration in the afternoon except Balzac — but he'd had thirty-five cups of coffee by then so that’s cheating."



On Being A New York Times Bestseller Author: "The first time I saw my name on the bestseller list I was at an Internet cafe in Seattle. So 90s and yet so true. It was three PM on a Tuesday. I couldn't believe it. I started screaming and crying and the woman who worked there gave me a vegan muffin. The whole thing felt like a mistake — I never thought a whole group of people would read a paperback original book of essays."

On Dating: "Everyone says dating in New York is infamously hard, but I don't have another frame of reference. It's probably hard anywhere. Even in Minneapolis you're trying to find someone who wants the same things as you, who sees the world in a way that appeals to you. That’s not easy in a town of eight hundred or eight million."


On Marriage: "There's this pop culture dogma that you're supposed to love someone not in spite of their flaws but because of them, but I think that's total crap. If you could change certain things about your partner that drive you nuts, you would do it. The secret is to look at those flaws and realize you have them, too, and that you have to love someone enough to cope with them, and to recognize where they fit in your life. I think you're allowed to complain about your husband or your boyfriend, but if you're bitching about that person all the time, you probably shouldn't be together. My parents adore each other but their relationship isn’t perfect obviously. A while ago, I was visiting and they were splashing each other with suds from the sink in the kitchen and generally being cute. They have their wonky moments, but they’re still in love. I mean, I wouldn't marry either of them but I think we can all agree that's good for larger reasons.” 

On Weddings: "Best wedding I ever attended? It was on Halloween, in a castle outside Dublin. So that’s a high bar right there, but it would have been great no matter where it was because I love the people who got married. I wore a vintage red dress with a yellow fascinator I bought on an island called Dingle. I looked like an advertisement of a business lady selling press-on nails."


Fave Love Song:Book Of Love". I love the message. Some of love is just transcendental and some is just really dumb.”


Fave Love Movie:The Philadelphia Story. I'm obsessed with Katharine Hepburn. She's got these bird-like features, but she's also built like a linebacker. Plus, it made me discover Jimmy Stewart." 

Fave Love Book:Pride and Prejudice. You're rooting for them despite themselves — it's a famous intellectual, spiritual, social and physical match. And any attempts to replicate it in real life are ill-advised.”