Jaclyn Hodes

WHO: Jaclyn Hodes — Stylist and Designer of AWAVEAWAKE
WHY SHE’S FOXY: In addition to designing her first collection of naturally-dyed sustainable silk and hemp and bamboo lace dresses, she is also a Stevie-Aficionado-Cum-Kundalini-Yogi who knows everything crystals, tarot and “the feminine divine”.



ON DATING: "I’m not interested in chasing anyone around. I’d rather be a magnet, and just meet someone while doing things that I love. I want it to be like magic, not forced. It’s all about self-love and putting yourself first. You can’t love someone else if you don’t love yourself — then true devotion to another can take place."
ON ENGAGEMENT RINGS: "I would never do a diamond — these days I’m really into rose quartz, coral, opal and kunzite. I’m working with this one stone right now called ametrine that gives you spiritual clarity and helps you overcome obstacles. I love the idea of consulting with a gemologist. They know what stones work with your astrological sign."



ON MARRIAGE AND MEDITATION: "Couples should meditate together on the morning of their wedding. Energies are so intense that day, and it can be really ungrounding. Meditation helps connect them to each other.”
ON WEDDING DRESSES: Brides should wear what they feel beautiful in. It’s all about the feminine divine, channeling that inner femininity and honoring mother earth. In Kundalini yoga we wear white when we practice because the color is said to raise your aura six times and give you energy. Pure but not in a puritanical sense. Just true purity."



ON HER DREAM WEDDING: "I would love to attend the wedding of Steve McQueen and Ali Macgraw. I would take Kris Kristofferson as my date and we would spend the after party stealing kisses and then jump on his motorcycle and drive off into the early dawn."
BRIDAL STYLE ICON: "Stevie Nicks inspires me, especially the diaphanous and transparent nature of her dresses. She doesn’t try to hide her vulnerability. Her transparency gives her strength. Penelope Tree is also amazing."