Beth Conroy

WHO: Beth Conroy, Acupuncturist and practitioner of East Asian Medicine
WHY SHE'S FOXY: Because she’s a tattooed blonde babe former Deadhead turned Soho-based Esoteric Acupuncturist who digs deep into the hearts, souls and psyches of stone fox peeps on the path to recovery.


ON HER CAREER: “I spent years in a number of different fields from the organic cut-flower farm industry to the fast paced world of NYC public relations — but acupuncture became a passion. It was my saving grace while hitting an emotional, spiritual and physical bottom. My first acupuncturist Dan was a student in a school clinic— he was the first person to truly hear me in a safe space. I was so broken back then and my first treatment was pure freedom. I sobbed. It became my catalyst to get real and raw with myself. After many years of being treated I started thinking about going to school and becoming an acupuncturist. I was lit with excitement and terror.  It seemed like an insurmountable amount of work. But I intuitively knew that it was my path. I treat intuitively. I am not all heady or intellectual about my treatments. I treat from my heart.  There are unspoken agreements between me and my patients. We are on a crazy journey together. My challenge is to be a channel and humbly step out of the way. Magic happens when we stop fucking whining about what we want —  and we honor listening, responding, and authenticity.”


  1. Beth Conroy
  2. Beth Conroy


ON HOW ACUPUNCTURE ENHANCES YOUR LIFE: "Acupuncture is a heart centering and healing practice. It we want big love in our lives we need to be in communication with our heart. Receiving acupuncture provides so much benefit to our marriages. It helps you accept big love into your life.  Acupuncture almost always leaves you feeling happy. It’s my opinion that happiness is one of the sexiest and most attractive qualities a sex partner can possess — if you’re seeking a spicier love life or more of a sex life, a positive shift in attitude can help you get there. And of course if you come to an acupuncturist specifically to help with your sex drive, libido, or dysfunctions there are immediate ways to address those concerns successfully."


ON HOW TO TREAT YOURSELF PRE-WEDDING: “Just do your best to cultivate a loving, healthy relationship with your food.  Eat foods that are prepared and cooked with love instead of focusing on the pounds. Food is our first medicine — treat yourself well. Take off your bra. Sit on your floor and eat a warm meal. Even if you just steam your veggies instead of eating them raw, the feeling of warmth in your belly is grounding and comforting.  Sleep in that morning. And of course — drink a nice big cup of coffee.”



ON LOVE: "I'm ready for big love now. Not yesterday. Now. Something blasted open in my heart recently, I've done a lot of healing over the last seven years. I'll always be working on letting go of my self-loathing, but I've also decided I want an amazing sexy as hell man who wants to rock my socks off in the bedroom and love me so deeply it hurts."


FANTASY WEDDING: "I would go to Beltane, the sacred wedding of the Goddess and God. It's a celebration of love and our beautiful, luscious bodies. I would wear a killer Mara Hoffman red dress, my date would be Ryan Gosling and I would spend the after-party dancing around the bonfire indulging in chocolate and lovers."


LOVE MOVIE: “'Harold and Maude.'"


LOVE BOOK: “I just read the whole 'Fifty Shades' trilogy… so trashy.”