Karley Sciortino

WHO: Karley Sciortino, writer, videographer, actress and creator of the hot sex website Slutever, and Vogue columnist.
WHY SHE’S FOXY: Think Brigitte Bardot meets Urkel The Nerd.
  1. Karley Sciortino


ON DATING AND SEX: “The ideal date is going out to dinner. It’s good for building sexual tension and it’s not dominated by alcohol. It’s a bad idea to get really drunk on the first few dates. If the situation is right then a drink could loosen you up, but then there’s that tipping point where it all becomes a disaster. I think sex on the first date is fine. How are you supposed to know if you like someone if you haven’t slept with them? I mean, saving yourself for marriage is the most idiotic thing ever."


ON MARRIAGE AND SEX: “Just because you have good sex with someone doesn’t mean you should spend your whole life with them. But the idea of a soulmate is so nice, as long as you love each others personalities. I definitely believe in being with one person for an extended period of time — having kids and the whole thing.”



ON BEING TOUCHY-FEELY: “Lovey-dovey people are lame and annoying. Trust me, you don’t want to be one of them. Because what’s important to remember about love is, if you feel like you need to parade it in front of people, then there is something lacking elsewhere! Oh, and if you are one of those icky lovey-dovey people, please, stop making out in public. It grosses everyone around you out. Hand holding, mild touching, and short, closed mouthed kisses are acceptable, but that’s it.”


ON INTIMACY AND EXPERIMENTATION: “I think massaging and holding each other is so intimate. It can be more intense than sex. I think that if your partner wants to try something in bed, you should just go with it. What’s the harm in trying? Have a couple glasses of wine if you’re nervous. If it’s bad you never have to do it again.”


ON ORGASMS: “I used to fake it all the time, then I realized I was stabbing myself in the foot. If you fake it once, your partner will never know what you like. Sex is so much more than a dick inside you.”



FAVE LOVE BOOK: “‘Bad Behavior: Stories’ by Mary Gaitskill”


FAVE LOVE SONG: “‘Angel Baby’ by Rosie and the Originals”


FAVE LOVE MOVIE: “‘A Woman is a Woman’ by Godard”


ON HER FANTASY WEDDING: “I would go to the wedding of Anna Karina and Jean-Luc Godard, and I’d wear a short red dress. I’d spend the after party dry-humping my date Louis Garrel.”