Pam Love

WHO: Pam Love, Creator of Pamela Love Jewelry
WHY SHE’S FOXY: Because she’s a punk rock romantic whose eponymous jewelry collection made with skulls, snakes, bugs and crystals have found their way into the hearts and closets of hipster it-girls everywhere.
  1. Pam Love


ON DATING: “I used to be a serial long-term boyfriend kind of girl. I had a brief period where I was single for a little while and it was really good. I had to learn how to feel comfortable not being in a relationship and to be alone. Every woman should be single for a decent amount of time and actively NOT date. I did a lot of yoga. I was on eBay a lot. I reread 'The Year Of Magical Thinking' a hundred times. Joan Didion’s writing is like a song. You just want to listen to the rhythms again and again.”


ON MEETING HER HUSBAND: “He lived in North Carolina and his band was on tour. I was having a rough night and my friend Audrey invited me out. Literally, I saw the back of his head and said 'I’m going to marry that guy.' After the show we talked for a couple hours about the Grateful Dead.  He went back on tour and we started emailing right away. Then he got a tattoo with my name on it…so ballsy. Two days after he moved to New York he proposed.”


  1. Pam Love


ON HER WEDDING: “We didn’t want our families to have to deal with the craziness of Manhattan, so we got married at my friend’s hotel in Montauk. I wanted there to be some element of Matt’s southern heritage with my Jewish heritage so we got a bunch of Appalachian quilts and my best friend Jenga made the chuppah. We spread the leftover quilts on the grass for people to sit on them.  And we wanted planted flowers — not cut flowers — so people could take them home afterwards. Some of my friends still have the flowers we gave them. Lots of daisies and chamomile and scabiosa and nigella pods. I walked down the aisle to Neil Young and Francesco Clemente officiated. I used to be his assistant and he’s like a father figure to me. The party was mellow. No Emcee. Vegan buffet and really comfortable family vibes everywhere. At some point we were all in the grass in the middle of the night playing guitar and singing in a circle, even my mom in her leopard sweat pants. Everyone was rolling around and climbing trees. It was really chill. We stayed up until four in the morning.”


ON ENGAGEMENT RINGS: “Diamonds are always the best. If you’re going to go for it, go for a rough one or a grey one or one with inclusions. Platinum obviously is more traditional, but if you’re on a budget fourteen carat gold can be really beautiful, too.  My ring is a grey diamond surrounded by a ring of platinum with all these pretty black and champagne diamonds around it. I designed it with my friend Monique Pean.  We had so much fun doing it that we designed a whole bridal line together afterwards.”



ON LOVE AND CREATIVITY: “Since I got married my collection is way more colorful and whimsical. More flowery and organic. Before I was married my whole life was about my work. Now I have a lot more structure for my creative process. And I bounce all my ideas off my husband.  Sometimes he’ll wake me up in the middle of the night and scribble down an idea for a ring. He’s an illustrator, and he has an amazing aesthetic sensibility.”


HER FANTASY WEDDING: “The marriage of Stevie Nicks and Kurt Cobain.  I’d wear Dries Van Noten and bring my husband as my date. We’d spend the after party jamming with Mick. Fleetwood and Krist Novoselic.”



FAVORITE LOVE SONG: “'Heart Of Gold'” by Neil Young


FAVORITE LOVE BOOK: “'Love In The Time Of Cholera'” by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. It’s fucking beautiful.”


FAVORITE LOVE MOVIE:  “I don’t know. I like horror films.”