Mandy Coon

WHO: Mandy Coon — Fashion Designer, Dog Lover, Punk Bohemian, Hippie Healer
WHY SHE’S FOXY: She’s a Texas born model turned DJ turned It-Girl artist who recently fled the NYC fashion scene to find peace and solace upstate. 
  1. Mandy Coon


ON FINDING HERSELF: “I moved to New York when I was about twenty-one. It was amazing.  All the weirdos that don’t belong anywhere else end up in New York. I’m from a small town in Texas and when I go home, I always get the F word—‘funky,’ as in, ‘wow, you’re so funky.’”


ON HER TWENTIES: “I dated a guy who ended up dating Kate Moss after I told him I didn’t want to date him because I was madly in like with his friend who was an arrogant modelizer with a failing career and a raging drug habit. Seems logical, no? I was a real idiot in my twenties. I appeared quite tough, but I was so insecure. I was a model, which I’m sure you can imagine is wonderful for one’s psyche, but I was also an awkward, kind of strange looking, not-that-tall editorial model who always felt like she didn’t fit in. All that insecurity and doubt seems so unnecessary now. I wish I could’ve relaxed a little and enjoyed it more.”



ON STARTING HER OWN LINE: “I always designed clothes, and people seemed to respond to them. Then I went back to school in my late twenties to learn all the technical stuff.  Once I learned it, it was like, ‘oh, okay—this isn’t rocket science.’ It’s about having the creativity and drive and patience and attention to detail.”


ON MAKING HER BEST FRIEND MANDY BROOK'S WEDDING DRESS: "I wanted to make something modern and stunningly beautiful with some drama. I know Mandy Brooks so well, I know where our style overlaps, and it was an absolute joy to work on. I knew I could push the envelope and make it fashion forward. She is stunning in anything I make. She's always been one of my best models. All she has to do is be herself and everything looks amazing. The whole thing was painstakingly sewn by hand. I really put my heart into it. She looked absolutely gorgeous." 



ON MOVING ON: “I came to a point where I wanted to slow things down and be more connected. I was so burnt out and exhausted in the city, and when I came upstate to visit friends it was so relaxing. I finally moved out here full time last year. I still work a lot, but it’s more focused and fulfilling. I’m much, much healthier. I get my raw milk from the dairy, my groceries at the farmer’s market, I hike and swim in lakes. I’m not a stressed-out albino fashion skeleton anymore.”


ON LOVE AND MARRIAGE: “I was never someone who thought about marriage, or couldn’t wait to get married. I was quite solitary. I do love the idea of marriage, and of the romance of it all. Maybe I’m too much of a pragmatist. My parents got divorced when I was quite young, so I never saw marriage as something I needed to make happen or felt like I needed to get married in order to be fulfilled. But then again, I was obsessed with Morrissey when I was ten and was convinced I would marry him.”



FAVE LOVE STORY: “‘Just Kids’ by Patti Smith”


FAVE LOVE SONG: “‘I’m in Love with a Girl’, by Big Star or ‘Cherie’ by Suicide. Both are incredibly, surprisingly tender love songs by incredibly tough bands that you thought would never write a beautiful love song. Oh, also, ‘There is a Light That Never Goes Out’ by the Smiths. It’s achingly beautiful.”