Kate Young

WHO: Kate Young — Stylist, Super Nerd, Stone Fox Momma
WHY SHE’S FOXY: Because even though she is a wisecracking, whip smart, bleached blonde babe, former Oxford scholar, assistant to Anna Wintour and one of Hollywood’s most powerful stylists (whose CV includes Michelle Williams, Natalie Portman, Rachel Weisz, Maggie Gyllenhaal and more) — she is also a dedicated mom and self-described “Super Nerd” whose priorities lie in hard work, health and leading a good life.


ON HER FASHION PHILOSOPHY: “I really like weird color combinations. Nothing makes me happier than red and pink. I like funny prints, lips and polka dots and pleated tulle. I love ruffles and frills. But that stuff only works in tiny bits and pieces. I try to see what feels right. I think that’s my job. To be a year ahead of everyone — to see movies and look at clothes and know what colors and silhouettes and patterns are working. I don’t like it when things look untouchable, or when people look so different from their regular self. I love looking like you ran in from the beach and threw on a sparkly dress with sand still in your hair. It’s all about ease.”


ON VOGUE: “It was my lifelong dream to work at Vogue. After college I took a meeting at Condé Nast with Human Resources, they took me up to meet Anna Wintour, and by the time I got home there was a job offer on my answering machine. I started working as her assistant for eleven months: coffee, dry cleaning, Christmas shopping. I worked my way up quickly then ended up at Teen Vogue, flying all over the world styling everyone who was nominated for the Vogue VH1 Fashion Awards, from Gwen Stefani to Tom Ford. But after a while I wanted to explore other stuff. I had been part of the Voguefamily for so long. The first shoot I did for i-D was such a education for me. At Vogue we had to make everything perfect. We had to steam out all the wrinkles and make sure everything fit perfectly and the light was perfect, everything. But Matt Jones, the photographer, was like: ‘don’t fix it.’ It sort of become my mantra. It doesn’t always have to be perfect.”



ON BEING A TEENAGE MISFIT:  “I was an ugly kid. Really ugly. I remember someone throwing a ball at me in gym class. Everyone was like: ‘hit the ugly girl’. I was really bookish. I wrote bad poetry inspired by Robert Smith. I loved heavy metal. I used to go see The Ramones all the time — they played at an all ages hardcore club near my house. And I was obsessed with Anne Rice. Once my best friend and I drove to New Orleans to a witches convention for Anne Rice fans. I was really into witches. I used to file my nails to a point and paint them Cherry Cola and Vamp. I was obsessed with bell sleeves and pointy toe boots.   My makeup inspiration was Shakespears Sister. My hair was primary Manic Panic red — I wore it all the way down to my waist.”


ON HER STYLE IN THE NINETIES: “I was always into goth, but it was a fashion-y goth. I was inspired by the grunge stuff Ellen Von Unwerth did for Vogue, Kristen Mcmenamy’s powdered face, Amber Valletta’s short hair. I loved plaids and electric mustard colors and chartreuse. I went to Oxford for college and hung out with a really glamorous crew. It was the year Tom Ford took over at Gucci, lots of velvet trousers and satin shirts with teased hair and sixties makeup and Patrick Cox books. It was all about Gucci.”



ON MEETING HER HUSBAND: “He was friends with some of my friends. I was seeing someone else but I thought he was sexy. I used to sit at M & R Bar and talk to him while he was DJing. I had a really cool car — a 1975 Corvette Sting Ray — and one day he started talking to me about my car and everything changed. We started making out in front of a bar, and three months later we decided to get married.


ON HER WEDDING: “I wore an Alaïa dress to get ready, a lace Caroline Herrera and vintage family heirloom veil for the wedding, then a Derek Lam for the party. Our ceremony was officiated by a witch. We lit candles, made promises, then she tied up together with rope. The party was amazing. We had African drummers and The Fever played.”


ON BEING A MOM: “I have two sons, Stellan and Leif. It took four years after my wedding for me to gear up to have kids. All of the sudden it didn’t feel so strange anymore. One day I couldn’t wrap my head around being a mom in the context of my everyday life — and then all of the sudden it made a lot of sense. I was fat as a house during both of my pregnancies. The first time I gave birth was really rough. Took three days. Went into labor on Thursday, pushed him out Sunday. The second time was so polite. Three hours from start to finish. I pushed for four minutes. Every day with my kids is like the best day of my life. I make them breakfast every morning, drop them off at school every day, put them to bed every night.”



ON SELF CARE: “I run every day. It’s very efficient. I used to do yoga but it just took too much time. I have to run four days a week minimum. I’ll go crazy if I don’t exercise. It’s non-negotiable. Totally clears my mind, allows me to space out. Throughout the day I drink a lot of deli coffee with half-and-half. I try to be healthy but I’m easily talked into anything if it’s delicious. Like I’m allergic to gluten but I’ll eat a baguette even though it will give me hives for two days. I try to make dinner for the family as often as I can. Last night we had soba noodles with tofu.”


ON FINDING THE PERFECT WEDDING DRESS: “Know your body. Know what looks good on your body. Take a lot of pictures, try things on, be critical. Look at pictures of actresses who look like you and see what’s working for them. Gowns are like bathing suits. You see everything, but you can also hide everything. You can build shoulders, create a waist. You can build a new body with a dress.”


Wedding pics by Hanuk