Brooke Williams

WHO: Brooke Williams — Momma, Creator of This Is Authentic, Free Spirit Photographer
WHY SHE’S FOXY: She’s an apple-cider-vinegar-guzzling, memory-collecting, dazzling eclectic powerhouse artist whose hodgepodge holistic personal style and life philosophy stems from a commitment to true balance, meaning and motherhood. 


ON BALANCE: “I think the only way to achieve something akin to balance is to finally become comfortable with the fact that there is no such thing. Some days are hard and fraught with what seem like insurmountable obstacles that can be as mundane as cooking dinner and doing the laundry. On other days, I can exercise, finish an artistic masterpiece whilst attending a school recital, bake apple pie for dessert and answer all of the one million unread emails. In my humble opinion, any parent who says that they have achieved a perfect balance is lying.”


ON HER FAVORITE NATURAL REMEDIES: “My family has always been into a lot of holistic practices. In our case it probably comes from a mix of our Native American, West Indian and African American heritage. My father, who is the most Brooks-Brothers-suit-wearing man you'll ever meet, used to chew up food and feed it to us as babies. I became a bit of a purist while pregnant. I now drink elderberry tea almost every day during the cold season to prevent the flu (some studies that say it is as effective as a flu shot). And I try get some form of green juice into my body every day— plus a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar. It helps with digestion.”


  1. Brooke Williams


ON HER STYLE AND DESIGN PHILOSOPHY:  “I am a sentimental dresser. I tend to gravitate towards things that that are made by my friends, once belonged to my grandmothers, or make me feel like a superhero. I'm almost always in sneakers. I've had practically the exact same hairstyle for almost twenty years. When it comes to my home I approach decorating as though I am telling a winding, evolving, complex story full of characters and plot twists and unexpected turns. The walls are covered with artwork and he furnishings are either inherited or one-off flea market finds. Every object is meaningful.”


STYLE ICON: “The civil rights journalist and women's rights advocate Evelyn Cunningham was a real force. She was always able to strike the perfect balance between flamboyant and practical, intelligent and whimsical, plus she rocked a bright color like nobody's business. She died a couple years ago.”



ON PARENTAL LOVE: “There is nothing like a little person being totally dependent on you. Makes you realize that missing that subway train and being late to a meeting doesn't really matter in the long run. I am consistently taken aback by the overwhelming love that I feel for my daughter. Every time I think I've reached my limit, I look at her sleeping or watch her writing a note to her father or making pancakes alone for the first time, and the feeling continues to deepen. We should really have a different word in English for this feeling of parental love. The hardest part is trying to hold on to that deep love when your kid is driving you crazy, which happens frequently.”


ON THE PROPOSAL: “It was a complete surprise. We had gone up to spend a week alone in a cottage on a tiny island in Maine, and unbeknownst to me, Josh had procured his great grandmother's engagement ring and asked my father's permission for my hand. We were grilling at the edge of a cliff overlooking the most beautiful sunset when he popped the question. I just burst into tears. It took me so long to get the word ‘yes’ out that he’d begun to worry that I might not actually be into it.”


ON MAINTAINING A MARRIAGE: “It sounds so simple, but if you can just say what you actually mean to each other, lovingly, you've basically won the battle. My husband is still the first person I want to talk to both when things are going gangbusters and when disaster strikes.”



FANTASY WEDDING: “I'd like to see Albus Dumbledore marry Glinda the good witch. There would be candles floating in the air, crazy sparkly globes hovering around everywhere and heaps of incredible food. My husband and daughter would be my date.” 


FAVE LOVE BOOK: “Jazz by Toni Morrison. The last two pages have the most beautiful description of a lifelong love between two older people.”


FAVE LOVE MOVIE: “Oh there are so many great ones... Right now it's a tie between Say Anything and WALL-E.”


FAVE LOVE SONG: “‘Hyperballad,’ by Bjork. Oh, and also ‘My Prayer,’ by the Platters. That was the song we danced to at our wedding.”