Stephanie La Cava

WHO: Stephanie La Cava — Writer, Momma, Girl About Town
WHY SHE’S FOXY: Picture Pippi Longstocking Meets Anais Nin


ON WRITING: “I wasn’t raised with parents who were like, ‘You can be an artist, you can be a dancer, you can do whatever you want.’ I was too well behaved to question that, but I ended up at Vogue after college and I worked there for a long time before going off on my own to write my memoir, An Extraordinary Theory of Objects. Now I'm working on a novel, which is 500x more difficult than a memoir. I got away with a lot with my memoir. We had illustrations; it was this weird hybrid thing. There’s no hiding now. That sounds strange, because it’s fiction, but there’s no hiding.”


ON BEAUTY AND STYLE: “The La Cava women’s family secret—never wash your face, never take of your mascara, layer it on every morning and then you look batshit crazy and it works somehow. Most of my beauty stuff comes from what I put in my body and hopefully that’ll prevent me from needing a lot of the other stuff, ‘cause I’m so hopeless at it. I have a couple of girls I admire—that whole camp of Anna Karina, Charlotte Rampling, Jane Birkin—but, everyone loves them nowadays. I also really admire the style of Françoise Dorléac, who people often tell me I look like. She died when she was still young, so her story is less well known. People don’t realize that Jean Seberg, this symbol of the French-American gamine, grew up in Iowa. Any style icon is about creating yourself.”



ON HER WEDDING AND MARRIAGE: “We met through mutual friends. He’s my exact opposite in every way, to the point where he’s probably the most stoic, calm, thoughtful human being you’ll ever meet. I’m like a firecracker. That’s what makes it work. It’s very much a balance of two people. He’ll say to me, ‘I’ll never be bored a day in my life with you.' I am interested in all things occult and the inspiration for my wedding dress was the heroines in J.K. Huysman books. I wanted it to be a priestess ceremonial—almost sacrificial—dress…which wasn’t exactly in keeping with a synagogue ceremony. But, it wasn’t a very traditional wedding anyway; the orchestra played Smashing Pumpkins.” 


ON BECOMING A MOM: “When I was pregnant, there was this sense that my life was ending. There was this idea that all of a sudden I should be wearing muumuus and cooking. I don’t know how to cook for the life of me. I don’t own a muumuu and I couldn’t dress appropriately if I tried.”



DREAM WEDDING: “It would be between Walter Benjamin and Anna Karenina and he would make her very happy, after all the drama—before the suicide.  I would wear that white lace lingerie ensemble Anna Karina wears with the French bachi hat and a cigarette, at two a.m. I’d be in bed with my own love.”


FAVE LOVE STORY: “I like real life stories. I love Sasha Sagan’s interview with her mother Anne Druyan from the new issue of Violet about her love with Carl Sagan. I’ve always had a thing for Camille Claudel and the tragic story of her and Rodin. Also, I love the story of Joanne Woodward and Paul Newman, Joan Didion and John Gregory Dunne and June and Helmut Newton.


FAVE LOVE SONG: The Nine Inch Nails version of “Hurt.”