Shiva Rose

WHO: Shiva Rose —  Actress, Activist, California Dreamer
WHY SHE’S FOXY: She’s an Iranian-born turned Topanga Canyon Cali girl meditating soul momma, Kundalini Yogi and creator of the holistic, high-fashion, lifestyle hippie blog “The Local Rose” with opulent, Old Hollywood bohemian style whose imagination, aesthetic, and philosophy on life, love and motherhood are as fresh and tender as the peaches she grows in her garden.


ON MOTHERHOOD: “I have been a mother for so long I don't think I can remember what it was like before. I had my first daughter at twenty-five.  Now we’re like best friends rather than just mother and daughter. I'm an Aquarius so by nature I live in the ether —  having children has grounded me to the earth and given my life structure. Being a mother has also expanded my concept of love. I've told my daughters that ‘you attract the love you think you deserve’.  In that case it's a good idea to be love and feel love. That way you are already a full tank when it comes along. You don't want to be empty waiting to be filled up.”


ON LIFE IN TOPANGA: “A typical day for me is an early start since I have animals and children that need to be fed.  I usually go out with my puppy Luna Honey Willow to let the chickens out. I may pick some fruit along the way in my garden. Depending on the season we grow guavas, passion fruit, tangerines, berries, mulberries, persimmons, peaches. After my youngest is off to school I'll have some moments of checking in with myself either with kundalini meditation, or a walk through nature. Then I usually work on the blog and make batches of my rose cream.  I make the rose face serum in my studio where I play Kundalini mantras to raise the vibration. I use all organic, pure oils, from farms and resources that I have a relationship with. The oils are all high quality and very nurturing and nourishing to the skin.”


ON ADVICE TO HER YOUNGER SELF: “I would tell my younger self to not be as sensitive as I was. To always strive to be authentic. I would also say to always act from love not fear. I would also suggest eating more coconut oil and healthy fats!"


ON HER STYLE ICONS: “Charlotte Rampling, Frida Kahlo, Tina Modotti, Georgia O'Keefe, Anouk Aimee and Jane Birkin. I'm fortunate to have incredibly stylish friends who also inspire me daily like Rosetta Getty, Lilakoi Moon, Marisa Tomei.”



ON MARRIAGE: “Having been married once for sixteen years, and then in a passionate relationship for five years after that, I have learned to step away from being reactive. That never works when in a heated situation. I've also learned men need to be honored, and women need to be cherished. With those two elements in place things can go smoothly. Also I would say a healthy marriage is one where there is deep intimacy that that should be worked on. Kundalini practice is a great tool for that. I don't need a marriage license to feel married to someone. I am a romantic though, and love the idea of a spiritual bonding between two twin flames. I admire the marriages of Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward. They had their ups and downs and yet they really made a determination to grow old together. I also appreciate the passion that Liz Taylor and Richard Burton had.”


ON LOVE: “I totally believe in love at first sight. I met the two loves of my life that way. Both of those big loves ended, and not easily, however  I am so grateful for that feeling of aliveness that came with it. My personal definition of love is selflessness. It's also being connected to all the elements —  the sun, sea, moon, wind, earth. Connecting to all that with a partner is the ultimate love. A big turn on is a poetic cowboy. A man who is masculine yet sensitive. I also still believe in chivalry. That's sexy to me, opening doors, feeling safe. My dream date would be driving up the coast and hiking on trails in Big Sur.”



ON HER FANTASY WEDDING: "I would go to Gertrude Stein and Alice B. Toklas' wedding in Paris with Ernest Hemingway as my date. I would wear a frayed nineteen thirties chiffon dress in pale grey with plum flowers. I would also have a dilapidated velvet cloak the color of smoke. Definitely dark wine stained lips, and kohl rimmed eyes. Ernest would pick me up in his big strong arms as we crossed the street to the wedding, so my shoes didn't get wet in the puddle-filled streets.”


FAVE LOVE FILM: “The Night Porter is a pretty good portrayal of a damaged love affair. My favorite love film though is probably Dr. Zhivago.”


FAVE LOVE SONG: “'Give me Love' by George Harrison since it’s about spiritual love. 'If I Were Carpenter' by Johnny Cash and June Carter. 'Wuthering Heights' by Kate Bush.  'Fade Into You' by Mazzy Star. Can you tell I love music?”


FAVE LOVE POEM AND BOOK: “I Do Not Love You by Pablo Neruda, True Love by Sharon Olds, Wuthering Heightsby Emily Bronte. Lady Chatterley's Lover by DH Lawrence.”