Jennifer Fisher

WHO: Jennifer Fisher
WHY SHE’S FOXY: Because after kicking cancer's ass she takes bullshit from no one, puts her tribe first, and is on her way to building a jewelry empire.


ON HER PARENTS' LOVE: "My parents have been married for fifty three years. They have always seemed very happy and able to make it through anything as a team. I model my own marriage after theirs. One team, one goal. Whatever that may be, we support each other."


ON DATING: "Oh god. I dated a really controlling Greek guy who was twelve years older than me for over thirteen years during and after college. Loved his family. Didn't love him. Great life lessons learned with that one. Dated Matt Le Blanc in the heyday of FRIENDS for about a year and a half. Was very fun. But fun is all it was. Thankfully I was introduced to Kevin by my best friend, Natasha. The rest is history. Kevin saved me."


ON HER LOVE: "I have been married to Kevin for almost fourteen years. He is the most amazing man, a man who stood with me through me chemotherapy. We were married six months after I finished my last round. We got married in California three days before September 11th where my brother in law and many others who worked in the World Trade Center perished. We had to cancel our honeymoon and were going to funerals for six months after our wedding. Needless to say, if we can get through what we have already nothing can faze us and our bond. Prior to me getting sick and discovering the tumor in my chest we dated long distance for three years taking turns traveling from LA (where I lived) and New York (where Kevin lived). I finally made the move to New York to move in with him before we got engaged. He proposed during my treatment. We were throwing a huge Halloween party and I had just gotten my makeup done for my Malibu Barbie costume. I walked into the apartment in bright blue eyeshadow and pink lipstick and there he was wearing a tee shirt with MARRY ME written on it in red Sharpie. I still have the tee shirt."



ON SEX AND MARRIAGE: "One is necessary to make the other successful. Do it when you can and take one for the team even when you may not be feeling it. We have gotten very good at reading each other over the years. We are both very busy and I wish I could say we were more romantic but it is always what we say we are going to do but never really have the time. I feel as now that the kids are getting older we will find more time to do that. Communication is key. Thats really all I can say."


ON MOTHERHOOD: "Do what you think is best for you and your family and don't listen to other people trying to shove bullshit down your throat about what is best for your child. Be a tough momma bear. Do the best you can."


ON HER CAREER: "After I got back from boarding school in Switzerland my junior year of high school I was really into business and wanted to start my own company. I was obsessed with marketing and sales having had four small companies of my own as a child. One was a splatter paint tee company and one was a button earring business I started with my baby sitter JJ, Button Ears. I went on to study Business Marketing at USC and tried interning at a few magazines on the ad side, which was not for me. Then I worked under Jeanne Yang at Detour Mag and fell in love with fashion all over again. Randomly, a friend in LA worked for a director and he was looking for a new wardrobe stylist and I went in for the job and loved it so I became a stylist for commercials. I also worked as an assistant costume designer for Aaron Spelling. He was amazing to work for. His attention to detail was incredible."



ON HER FASHION OBSESSION: "I wanted to be an Egyptologist at a very young age. I was obsessed with Agatha Christie novels and movies. Death on the Nile was my favorite. Don't ask. After I moved on from that I was obsessed with fashion. My mother was so supportive and got me a subscription to Vogue and I would wall paper my walls with images from shoots I loved. When we sold that house the new owners asked to keep the "Vogue" wallpaper in my bedroom. I love telling that story."


ON HER BRAND: "After many years of attempted surrogacy and IVF (My oncologist didn't want me carrying a child because of my tumor), I finally became pregnant naturally with my son Shane. My jewelry company was born out of the desire to wear something fine and bespoke to represent my son. What I wanted didn't exist, so I went out and made my own. Friends and family started asking me to make pieces for them and thus Jennifer Fisher was born."


ON THE BEST WEDDING EVER: "Well it was mine of course. It was a rager. I wore Vera, who I now know and adore, which makes me love my dress even more now."


ON HERSELF IN FIFTY YEARS: "Very happy and healthy and content. On a beach, and by then the technology will be so amazing I'll still be rocking a bikini." 



HER STYLE ICON: Tonne Goodman


FAVE LOVE BOOK: Emma by Jane Austen 


FAVE LOVE MOVIE:  When Harry Met Sally