Frances Tulk-Hart

WHO: Frances Tulk-Hart — Photographer, Singer, Creator Of "Five Minutes With Franny." 
WHY SHE’S FOXY: Because she's a British-born Brooklynite aspiring stripper-turned-stylist-turned-photographer who can capture the essence of any fox in five minutes flat.


ON LOVE: “I am married to a beautiful man named Jason Rossi. I had just broken up with a boyfriend and was looking for a singing teacher. Rossi was in a band so I asked him if he knew of any singing teachers, he said he did and then he asked if I would like to be in his band. Um, wow, yes. Dream come true. So I jumped in and joined the band —  the best cure for any heartache I might add. We practiced twice a week and played a few times a month. The name of the band changed to what it is now which is "Love Taps.” It was all absolutely terrifying and so unbelievably exciting. After a few months I realized I was falling in love with Rossi and then he confessed his feelings for me and the rest is history. We decided to have a baby straight away and a little over a year after we met we were married, had a little baby girl and finished recording our first album. It was one of the craziest, most incredible and insane eighteen months of my life. I think I only just caught up.”


ON THE BEST WEDDING EVER: “Mine. I was eight months pregnant, we went to City Hall with my family that had flown over from the UK, three friends, my husband’s family and that's it. It rained hard all day. Afterwards me, my husband and my family jumped in the car and we went and spent the weekend at my best friend’s house upstate which she had leant us. The sun shone for the rest of the weekend and we didn't stop laughing. It was one of the happiest weekends of my life.”


ON MOTHERHOOD: “A mother’s love has blown my mind. Boooom. Huge. Mega. Nothing like it on Earth — which is a good thing because I am exhausted.”



ON HER CAREER: “I loved fashion growing up, and after many other dream careers (including being a stripper or a lawyer), that one seemed to stick. I toyed with wanting to be a designer after interning with Oscar de la Renta but then at school realized I hated patterning, so started interning as a stylist. At that point I realized my soul was not being nourished by it any more, so I switched to photography. Recently I started drawing and writing which I absolutely love doing as well.  I am quick to feel suffocated so having all these outlets keeps that demon at bay.”


ON FIVE MINUTES WITH FRANNY: “I started Five minutes with Franny about two years ago. I was in a taxi in India and the idea just popped into my head. I love to take photographs, and I’ve met so many amazing people — I thought it'd be fun to learn about them and be inspired by their story. One of the things I loved growing up and still do love is how people got to where they are. I find that very inspiring." 



ON HER FANTASY WEDDING: “My parents’ wedding; I would have loved to have seen them young and in love…” 


ON HER STYLE ICON: “None — everyone has a stylist these days or is a stylist. Although Daphne Javitch does always look so effortlessly chic.”