Daphne Javitch

WHO: Daphne Javitch — Designer, Storyteller, Underwear Extraordinaire
WHY SHE’S FOXY: Because she's a perfect ten: beauty, brains and business combined— and Creative Director of the perfect line of lingerie called Ten Undies that launched on 10/10/10. 



ON LOVE: "I've been married for a year to Pali. He's my best friend and a total original — personally and professionally.  In a lot of ways I married my teacher.  Not in a Charlie Manson way, I just admire him and learn from him all the time. All my relationships used to be tense and anxious, but when I first met my husband it was fun and easy."


ON SEX: "Married sex is pretty intense and transformative. It’s extreme intimacy. You’re having sex with a person who you share everything with. It's so much less guarded and less of a performance. It gets pretty real."


ON CAREER: "As a child I wanted to be a teacher. I became a costume designer, then a stylist, then I started my underwear line, TEN and that evolved into a clothing collection that's exclusive to Ron Herman Japan. I don’t think that much has changed, I think I just became aware of different outlets that better suited my talents. I Feel like I’m a person whose career is in chapters. Each one is a response to the one that came before. I’m very interested in narrative, personal stories, people and connections." 



ON TEN UNDIES: "TEN launched on 10/10/10;  it felt auspicious. When I started TEN, it was because I wanted to tell a story about the kind of girl I relate to. A natural, straightforward, playful, sexy girl. To me, it’s all about growing into who I am, with everything — my business, sex, marriage, the whole lot. So that was what I had to do at that time, to locate something true about myself and cultivate it. The more I'm me, the more life becomes pleasurable and exciting — things open up."


ON BRIDAL UNDIES: “I never wear thongs, but I wore a nude thong on my wedding day because I was nervous that if I went naked my situation would show though in a picture. I just think on your wedding day you want to feel super comfortable. Definitely no wedgies, nothing poking in your hips, nothing riding up your bum."


ON WEDDINGS: "I would love to go to my parents’ wedding. They didn’t get married exactly where we did, but they spent a weekend at the same place we did in Norfolk, Connecticut. Weddings are just insanely fun because of the amount of love that you feel — oh my God — not just for the person you’re marrying but that you feel coming off of every person there, it’s amazing. At ours, every guest was a very close mutual friend, and there was so much laughter and love and excitement and joy and happiness. It was summer and hot and sexy and amazing. But what wedding isn’t amazing? They’re so fun. Love is fun."




FAVE LOVE BOOK: Light Years by James Salter. "It’s a book about a marriage and it is really romantic and beautiful and it’s my favorite book, but I actually think the marriage kind of falls apart."


FAVE LOVE MOVIE: Two for the Road. "But again, the marriage kind of falls apart. It’s a marriage in flashbacks, so fun and stylish. My husband Pali recommended City Lights, the Charlie Chaplin movie. So I don’t know. I’m worried that all my favorites things are about bad marriages."


FAVE LOVE SONG: "I’m Your Man by Leonard Cohen. Today it’s going to become one of your favorite songs."