Amanda Brooks

WHO: Amanda Brooks — Farm Girl, Fashion Director, Style Icon
WHY SHE'S FOXY: Because after spending her earlier years partying with Madonna, bonding with Mick Jagger and being the eyes, ears and influence behind some of the biggest fashion trends of our times — she traded it all to move to the rural England where she rides horses, makes jam and cultivates a good old-fashioned country quality of life. 



ON LEAVING HER CAREER: "I always had a feeling I couldn’t live in New York the rest of my adult life. Spending summers at our farm in England was just so incredible;  we all felt such a deep sense of happiness there. No one ever thought we’d have the nerve to move there, but we did! I have such a huge love affair with New York but I also love the rural countryside."


ON WEDDING DRESS ETIQUETTE: "It’s so hard to know what to wear to a wedding, and nowadays there’s so many weird dress codes. My best friend wanted everyone to wear white to her wedding and it looked fabulous. Obviously, you don’t want to stand out too much. No matter the circumstance or who you are, you want to let the bride shine. It’s a consideration -- you can break the rules without being attention seeking. Weddings are romantic, and I like to look pretty at a wedding. I don’t think weddings are so much about trends or wearing the newest or latest dress. It's not the time to wear some incredibly tight bustier dress that you can’t move or be comfortable in. You need to know in advance if you’re going to be at a wedding on grass — no heels in grass. Wear a wedge or a flat."



ON SEX AND MARRIAGE: "This year will mark eighteen years I’ve been with my husband. I’ve thankfully never had la repulsion (an expression my and my friends use when you don’t want your husband to touch you) with him. Our relationship coach, said the best chance for a long-lasting marriage and everlasting attraction is to constantly be evolving individually, that way you’re always getting to know each other. What keeps sex exciting is having your own life and your own friends, and then bringing your life back to that person. The more excitement you have outside the marriage, the more excitement you can bring back to it. He's given me a great solid foundation that's empowered me to experiment  — I don’t think I would have tried on so many lifestyles his stability. He's so sincere. I always know where I stand with him." 


ON FASHION ICONS:"There's a trillion. Jim Shrimpton holding a pig, Bunny Mellon in her gardening clothes, Slim Keith, Pharrell (since ‘09: for me he’s sort of a classic), Deeda Blair, Jane Birkin, Marella Agnelli, Charlotte Rampling, Leelee Sobieski, Lauren Hutton, Jackie O in her riding clothes, Cy Twombly."