Colleen Crivello

WHO: Colleen Crivello — Entrepreneur, Clothing Designer, Momma of the Cosmos.
WHY SHE’S FOXY: She’s a California native turned New Yorker whose all consuming love for her daughter inspired two mama-centric passion projects and new insight into commitment and romance. 



ON HER PARENTS’ MARRIAGE: "It was disastrous and ended when I was seven. It was unfortunate — they had a really beautiful life together and it just didn’t work. My father has been remarried for fifteen years or so and she’s wonderful, and my daughter calls her grandma too so she’s very much a part of our life. I don’t remember much about my parents being married but I see the way my dad is with my stepmother and they have a wonderful marriage. It’s very much a partnership."


ON HER LOVE: "Our six-year wedding anniversary is September first, and we’ve been together for nine years. We’ve worked together a lot. I was in a long-term relationship prior to meeting Roberto and dated a spattering of guys before that, and then had another long-term boyfriend in high school. I met him in LA at his store when I was living there, and from the moment we started dating our lives were so spontaneous. He has this sense about him that anything is possible. Our whole dating relationship was very 'grab the bag and go.' It was an adventure then and still is. He’s also a designer so we have a relationship that’s very much professional and romantic."



ON CHALK AND MINIMODE: "I was a womenswear designer — I still am — and starting my children’s wear brand Chalk NYC really came about when I had my daughter Alba and two years later wanted to start making clothes for her. And then from there I couldn’t help myself and all of a sudden I was making a collection. I’m really interested in that relationship between mothers and their children, so we want a product that relates to them in some capacity.


"MiniMode fits into the everyday lives of mothers in that we’ve created a space that is all curated product, so we basically search and find all of the items that mothers are looking for. We’ve accumulated it all into one space and made it easy for them to shop for what they need. We launched ten days ago and the response has been overwhelmingly positive."


THOUGHTS ON MOTHERHOOD: "It’s funny because I wasn’t the woman that was dying to have a baby her entire life. With my husband it become something really important to us, and when I got pregnant I loved it — I think it’s so sexy — and then I had my daughter and it’s the most all-consuming love I’ve ever experienced. I didn’t know there was love like that. I’ve really embraced this role so for somebody who wasn’t even that keen on having kids, I’ve really changed. I hug my daughter all the time and show her a lot of affection and love and really believe in building children’s spirits and their confidence. I really believe that if you foster their confidence they’ll turn out to be wonderful human beings." 



ON THE BEST WEDDING EVER: "Definitely my best girlfriend’s wedding, Nanda. She’s my dearest friend and the godmother of my daughter. Her husband is Italian and so is mine so we have this great little package. It was in Italy and just spectacular and really special. We danced all night long and ended up in the pool in the morning."


ON HER FANTASY WEDDING: "If I could mine over it would definitely be a destination wedding and I would invite every single person I know that makes me smile. I would embrace it for the massive blowout party that it could be. Either a Greek island, the Moroccan desert or safari style in Kenya — the whole affair would be fantastical and last a week with multiple outfit changes and incredible photo-ops."


ON HER STYLE ICON: "I love Jane Birkin and I’ve always loved her. We all do. She is still so captivating, even now. She’s so universal — sexy, effortless, mothering, and all of these things."


FAVE LOVE BOOK: "Anna Karenina. It was really beautiful and captivating and tragic."


FAVE LOVE MOVIE: "Dirty Dancing. I watched that thing so many times on VHS that it broke."