Chloe Gosselin

WHO: Chloe Gosselin — Momma, Equestrian, Shoe Aficionado
WHY SHE’S FOXY: She's a French model turned Las Vegas native who’s turning the world of shoes on its feet one stiletto at a time.


  1. Chloe Gosselin
  2. Chlose Gosselin


ON LOVE: “We met through common friends while he was touring in Belgium where I lived at the time. We spoke over the phone for five months before anything happened. My English was pretty bad so I practiced for three months. Then I flew to the US for the first time to meet him again and never left. He is the love of my life and truly my soulmate." 

"We are both creative people and respect each other's space which is why it has been working so well for us all these years. I'm amazed myself to say that our relationship is stronger and stronger everyday. We are not married and don't really feel the need to be; I think after spending years together, going through a bunch of challenges, and having a kid together is our way of saying “forever.” I do have the loveliest engagement ring though. We made it after the birth of our daughter, it has our initials and Sky's name engraved inside.”


ON MOTHERHOOD: “Becoming a mother was not something that I ever obsessed over. It was really about meeting the right person. My daughter is truly the light of my life. Kids kick you out of bed everyday to conquer the world and give your best. She is five now, we share so much, and I love to see her personality shine."


  1. Chloe Gosselin


ON DESIGNING SHOES: “I've always loved shoes. Even as a little girl I always wore a little pair of patent ballerinas and was sketching shoes on every piece of paper I could find. It was much later on, after having my daughter, that I decided to make it my career. I had a background in fine arts so designing was the easy part for me, however I didn't know how a shoe was built, so I went back to school in New York and then did courses in Milan to learn about shoemaking and production. I decided to create my brand right away and travelled to Italy to find a production team and factory. I knew that I had a vision and wanted to create a brand with its own specific image and point of view. My line is for the girl who embodies the duality between the feminine girl delighted by the past, and the more empowered woman; masculine and feminine."


ON THE BEST WEDDING EVER: "A couple years ago, a friend got married for the second time and her son walked her down the aisle. I love this idea of a second chance and the acceptance from the kids of their parents’ happiness. It was a very beautiful and touching moment.”


ON HER FANTASY WEDDING: “Definitely a twenties wedding, so maybe Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald if their wedding happened in Paris. I would take my partner David as my date and would wear a cute twenties dress and headpiece.”



HER STYLE ICON: Cate Blanchett


FAVE LOVE SONG: You Take My Breath Away by Freddie Mercury


FAVE LOVE BOOK: Just Kids by Patti Smith


FAVE LOVE MOVIE: Harold and Maude