Julia Restoin

WHO: Julia Restoin — Art Director, Model, Momma
WHY SHE’S FOXY: She’s a Paris-chic French Vogue fashion icon and Chelsea Girl who’s creating a stylish mommy empire through her impeccably curated rock and roll Mom blog: Romy And The Bunnies
  1. Julia Restoin



ON WHAT TO WEAR TO A WEDDING: “Obviously you can’t wear black if it’s in a church — and you can’t wear white no matter what. Dolce & Gabbana is a good choice. They have the best summer prints, the dresses cover the arms and hit the knee at a perfect length. Very flattering and doesn’t show too much skin. I like to be proper, not overexposed. I went to Poppy Delevingne’s wedding in Marrakech and wore a vintage Pucci dress. That whole wedding had a great vibe. Poppy looked like a bohemian princess. It was magical. Bianca Jagger was the ultimate cool bride at her wedding to Mick. She looks so naturally cool and effortless. If I ever get married I would wear something quite simple and minimal, like a super long slip dress or a vintage Galliano. Something in white silk, with white flowers everywhere.”


ON FLOWER GIRLS: “Vintage. I like when they dress like kids and not like mini adults. I love the Victorian vintage style — the Virgin Suicides look; ethereal; seventies; flowers in your hair. I feel so bad for the moms of flower girls. I don't have the patience to wait for the ceremony to be over, even though it’s beautiful. It’s hard for kids to behave in the church. Kids love to wear white. Bonpoint — that’s always a good call. Kate Moss’ flower girls were all in Bonpoint. They looked like vintage Victorian frocks. It was beautiful.”



ON HER PARENTS’ MARRIAGE: “They’ve been together for thirty-six years but are still never married. They never felt the urge. My mom got pregnant really quick and then my brother was born a few years later. They give each other space, they respect each others’ careers and they still go on holiday together, just the two of them, and always have things to talk about. Their love is definitely alive and well.” 


ON DATING: “We don't have a dating system in France. Here you are allowed to see many people and then you decide if you are committed. In France, if you start seeing someone — even if you are just testing the water — you are committed to that person. I'm too romantic to like the dating thing — I like to see one person at a time. If it doesn't work, it doesn't work. I’ve never tried dating and I don't want to try it. I don't feel the need to be in a relationship right now.”  


ON BEING A MOM: “I’m a single mother and all my love goes to my daughter. I take her everywhere with me. Yesterday we had brunch at Freeman's with friends, we went shopping at Reformation, then went to the park. I love taking baths with her. She shampoos my hair, then dumps the rest out into the water. She’s currently boy-crazy now. She’s obsessed with Grease, and tells everyone she has a huge crush on Danny Zuko.”



FAVE LOVE SONG: “I love Everywhere by Fleetwood Mac, orYou've Got The Love by Florence and the Machine.”


FAVE LOVE BOOK: “I’m loving the self-help book called Being in Love by Osho. It’s very harsh but it’s about learning how to love and how to behave better in relationships.”