Andrea Linnett

WHO: Andrea Linett — Author, Creative Consultant, Style Maven
WHY SHE’S FOXY: Because she's a former Sassy editor turned Founding Creative Director of Lucky turned Brand Consultant whose quick wit and kick-ass style has been rocking the NYC fashion scene since the early nineties. 


ON MARRIAGE: “My parents' had a good marriage — they’re still married. They went on a blind date and I think he thought she was really cute because she wasn’t like the other girls he’d dated. She was very down to earth, a Beatnik chick and he was a bit buttoned-up. As for me, I met my husband on a photo shoot fifteen years ago. We have that creative thing in common, and we’re collaborating all the time — I’ve always been with someone in the creative field. He's very cute, but what I didn’t realize about him was that he was hilarious as well. I didn’t like him until I knew both things.”


ON SEX: “I was basically a member of the boyfriend of the month club — a total serial monogamist — and I always had a boyfriend. I wasn’t into getting married until later but I wasn’t a casual sex kind of gal either. You have to keep other things exciting in your life in order to make it not boring to have sex. It’s not about the actual sex, it’s about the other things you do together outside of sex and then you become more intimate.”


ON HER FANTASY WEDDING: “Mick and Bianca’s wedding in the ‘70s would’ve been a fun one. I would've loved to have been at one of Bob Dylan’s wedding or Robert Plant’s wedding, or my parents' wedding.”



ON HER CAREER: “I thought I wanted to be in advertising because of my mom — I just didn’t realize that what my mom did could be expanded further. The goal of a photoshoot is the same as in advertising — you’re trying to sell something to someone. I just get up in the morning, make coffee and start working. I also shoot web stuff with my husband. I work on the creative direction for a website, we shoot product shots, marketing shots, and then his work keeps going after shoot with editing. My favorite thing is working with a brand that doesn't exist yet — starting from nothing and creating something cool. If you’re already doing great, I’ll work with you but you don't necessarily need me. It’s more fun when they’re not sure where to go. I’m also writing a book that should be out spring 2016. It’s about how to be cool forever — how to dress, secrets of cool women and why they’re always gonna look cool no matter what. It’s in the same vein as my blog, I Want To Be Her!.”


ON HER STYLE ICON: “I used to always think, ‘What would Kate Moss do?’ It changes constantly — one minute I want to be bohemian, the next Jane Birkin. It used to go so far as I would want to be someone that wasn’t me, but at some point you just have to know who you are and admire people, but not try to be them. I can admire so many different types of looks and be inspired — old photos from the ‘70s, strangers and famous people, anyone on the street — and still come back to myself.” 



FAVE LOVE SONG: “Buckets of Rain by Bob Dylan — or really anything by Bob Dylan that’s romantic — like Sara or You’re Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go.”


FAVE LOVE MOVIE: “Annie Hall or really cheesy movies like Green Card. I also love Secretary — it’s really romantic but super twisted. And Away From Her - l love that the people in it are older.”