Savannah Miller

WHO: Savannah Miller — Mama, Designer, Dreamer 
WHY SHE’S FOXY: She's Alexander McQueen's former assistant and a hot British fox who just launched an American collection of bohemian bridal dresses (did someone say Savannah Miller x SFB?). Plus, she wears cool sneakers and her sister is Sienna Miller. What's not to love?


ON HER PARENTS: My parents met when my mom was working at the London branch of my dad's office. She had waist length strawberry blonde hair and on their first date wore a divine cheesecloth blouse that was completely transparent with no bra. He was instantly smitten. I still have the blouse.


ON LOVE AND SEX: I'm a hopeless romantic. I fall hard and love nothing more than the insane tummy turning ecstasy of love. I have been with my husband for thirteen years. He's of the school that sex is what defines us; without it we are just friends cohabiting. Obviously when you are drowning in newborn baby it's the last thing on the agenda. But making time to get away from the kids and the monotony of domestic life is essential. Generally when I'm at home I do not look remotely sexy. I'm in "mum mode."


 Savannah and her sister, Sienna.


ON HER MAN: I met my husband Nik at a wedding in Devon. It was a Midsummer Night’s Dream themed wedding so we all had flowers in our hair and floating fairy dresses on. I ran into Nik on the woodland dance floor and it was instant recognition. We both felt like we were picking up where we had left off from some other time. When it was time to leave we exchanged details but I never expected to hear from him again. The next day he called saying "I have to see you again.” I was Alexander McQueen’s assistant at the time and was due to be flying to NYC with him the next day—  so I told Nik I was going to be away for a couple of weeks. He asked for my address so we could write to each other. The next day after work I was packing for my trip and I looked up to see him standing in my kitchen window. I ran out the door and hugged and kissed him. He told me he'd been standing on my kitchen window ledge trying to light a firework so that I would look up. That's when I knew he was the one I had been hunting for.


ON HOW LOVE EBBS AND FLOWS: Nik is a wild man. When I met him he lived in a glass earth ship that had a grass roof and a wind turbine and was lit by candles. I was completely smitten. I was 23. It was like stepping into a fairy tale. As we have grown up and have had to adjust to being adults. I believe that your marriage can be a very cathartic opportunity for growth and self examination if you can be brave enough. I'm not brave enough often enough but it's a constant work in progress. We are by no means perfect but we have had some incredible adventures together.


  1.   Savannah on her wedding day.
  2.   The Rolling Stones


ON MOTHERHOOD: Being a mum is the most amazing transformative life experience I have ever had. My favorite part about being a mum is the depth it takes me to in my heart. I will never forget that moment when my first baby was born. It was as if the whole world melted away and nothing mattered but him. Obviously it is completely exhausting and thankless too. but generally I feel deeply grateful. They give me a sense of purpose. When I'm in devotional mother mode I feel a sense of peace in myself akin to a religious experience. These moments are few and far between. They're golden when they happen. Mostly I am to be found in the garden sneaking cigarettes and wine.


ON JANE BIRKIN: If I could attend one wedding it would have been Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg’s Parisian 70s nuptials. I'm obsessed with that chic Parisian I don't give a damn vibe and I'm sure their day reeked of it. It must have heaved with beautiful people.


  1. Pictured above are her two daughters, Lyra and Bali, and her son Moses.

FAVE LOVE SONG: Wild Horses by The Rolling Stones


FAVE LOVE BOOK: My favorite love book of all time is a poem taken from the prophet by Kahil Gibran. It describes love exactly how I feel it.


FAVE LOVE MOVIE: The 90's movie Only You starring Marisa Tomei and Robert Downey. It’s about mad crazy love and set in Italy. Perfection. I’m the queen of cheese.


ON HERSELF IN FIFTY YEARS: Eating oatmeal cookies in an Indian caftan whilst I swing on my stoop listening to the Rolling Stones with grandchildren everywhere.


  1.  The ultimate fox, Jane Birkin.
  2.  "I'm the Queen of Cheese."