Biet Simkin

WHO: Biet Simkin — Artist, Spirit Seeker, Total Fox
WHY SHE’S FOXY: Because she's the punk rock Founder of the Center of the Cyclone Meditation who teaches us to find peace in stillness and stop spinning out of control.



ON DATING: "When I was 12, I went on a date with a boy in Park Slope. I didn’t have a crush on him. I liked him “like a friend,” but there was a date vibe to the experience. We went out for Chinese food, and I will never forget this: as we were walking along Prospect Park after the meal, out of nowhere, I projectile vomited in the middle of a sentence. Something like this has never happened to me before or after this day. It was so strange! I think he said something like, 'I guess we are not gonna make out tonight,' which I was fine with, but I was so shocked and embarrassed. What a trip!"


ON LOVE: "I used to think love was about difficulty and confusion—the more of that the better. Now I think love is everything that knows itself, believes in itself, and supports light. There is mechanical love and soul love — and both are needed for anything sustainable to occur on earth. Mechanical love is important because it keeps the gears turning on earth. We have all seen soul love. It can be perfectly good love, but with no base, it all spills out. In love today, I like both feet on the ground. It’s gotta make sense down here—down here on earth—for it to be any good. It should also be fiery, red hot, alive, sunshine, sweaty, perfect and untouchable."


ON HOW HER ATTITUDE TO SEX HAS CHANGED: "I am not a moron anymore."



ON WHAT MAKES GREAT ROMANCE: "Two individuals, chasing the divine together. Intelligence, wit, a lack of drama, lots of laughter, great sex, friendship."


ON SACRED SPACES: "Silence and stillness is the most sacred space for me, although it can be held anywhere and performed at anytime."


ON WHAT GIVES HER PEACE OF MIND: "Reading spiritual literature, tea with friends, Soulcycle, yoga, Montauk, travel, pursuing my vision with complete abandon."




FANTASY WEDDING: "Joan of Arc and God. Rumi and Shams. My mom and dad."


IN 50 YEARS: "I’ll be in an alternate dimension, exploring the experience of love through a completely new lens and preparing my findings to return to this planet or another to create some more fun! If I am still alive, I will be Maude in 'Harold and Maude,' except still married to my fiance Krzysztof, who will surely live longer than me."



STYLE ICONS: "Joan Didion, Christopher Walken, Jim Jarmusch. Maria Schneider’s character in 'The Passenger' By Antonioni."


FAVE LOVE BOOKS: "The 'Unbearable Lightness of Being,' 'Siddhartha,' 'Einstein’s Dreams,' 'My Brilliant Career'—to name a few."


FAVE LOVE SONGS: "‘The Book of Love’ by Stephen Merritt, ‘When We Dance by Sting, ‘Chelsea Hotel’ by Leonard Cohen, ‘These Days’ by Nico by way of Jackson Browne, ‘The Wind’ Cat Stevens, ‘The Cool, Cool River’ by Paul Simon…. I think I need 7,000 more interviews to answer this."