Rebecca Minkoff

WHO: Rebecca Minkoff — Free Spirit, Designer, Entrepreneur

WHY SHE’S FOXY: Because she's a Fashion Mogul and Stone Fox Mama who still manages to makes her family a priority while creative directing a clothing empire. 

"I went to a party at artist's apartment in Los Angeles. My friend was having me go up to all the single guys and meet them, and I was pretty disillusioned. I said, ‘Let’s go outside and have a cigarette, and I’m going to write down a list of everything I want in someone so that you know exactly what I’m looking for.’ And then Gavin walked into the room. When I saw him I remembered that a year before somebody had tried to set me up with him, and I’d looked at his MySpace profile, and I was like, ‘Oh, he’s kind of cute. But he looks immature, because he has a Sharpie mustache on his face.’ And I thought, ‘That’s the guy.’ I started talking to him and I was smitten. But this girl kept interrupting us and kept asking if he wanted a drink. And I was thought, ‘Why doesn’t she ask me if I want a drink?’ And then I realized that they were dating, and I was really embarrassed and I left the party. But we exchanged MySpace emails under the guise of the fact that I was booking his band to perform at my charity event. And then true love bloomed. Thank god for MySpace."

 "We got married twice — first at City Hall, second in Italy. We had ten thousand dollars to work with. You get your friends to gift us things we needed: one was a DJ, one made our wedding cake, one took the pictures. The only thing we ended up paying for was the food. I found this incredible villa that was only going to cost each person $325 with food included. So no one could really say no to five nights in Italy for three hundred bucks. The whole thing was very DIY wedding. We carried two hockey bags filled with lanterns from Oriental Trading Co. We went to the flower market for the arrangements. We brought candles. That was our decoration. Lanterns in the trees, candles on the tables—that was that."

 "Before kids, we were all about work. Our relationship was important, but we were both very focused on building our careers. I used to work until eleven every night. Now we have to do a juggle act. The kids are always a priority. One of us is always home when the other one is traveling, and he travels a lot for work."

 "When you’re younger, you think that lust is love — that bad guys are sexy. But love isn’t something automatic; it doesn't just exist. You have to create it."
ON HER BRAND: "Career-wise, my company Rebecca Minkoff my proudest achievement. I have a hundred and twenty-five employees and four stores —I’m further than I ever thought I’d get. I didn’t go to college, but I loved sewing. My brother, who is the CEO, never went to college, either."
IN 50 YEARS: "In 50 years, I’ll be 84. I’ll be tan like Magda from 'There’s Something about Mary', eating a croissant, and drinking margaritas. Lots of wrinkles. Saggy tits. Still, I wouldn't change a thing." 

FANTASY WEDDING: "Kate and Will’s. It would have been an experience."
FAVE LOVE SONG: "Otis Redding’s 'You Are the Best Thing'"
FAVE FOOD: "I can’t eat it, but a croissant from Paris. I’m still not at my pre-baby weight, and I’d rather drink rosé."
FAVE BOOK FOR LOVE: "'The History of Love.' Patti Smith’s 'Just Kids.'"