Cadence Dubus

WHO: Cadence Dubus—Mover, Shaker, Owner of Brooklyn Strength Studio

WHY SHE’S FOXY: Because she’s a powerhouse businesswoman and dancer who privileges strength over skinniness.

Cadence at her studio in Brooklyn

ON LOVE AND MARRIAGE:  “I've never been the 'marrying kind. I’ve been to some beautiful inspiring weddings so I'm open to it but it's never been my dream. I think creating a home with someone, grocery shopping together, and making decisions together is a celebration in it’s own rite. My parents had a very wild, brave, romantic love that was not able to surpass its own complexity. They had a large age difference, are both writers, are both extremely bold and intelligent. Love bends, it folds, it flows. I don't hold fast to forevers.”

ON FASHION AND BEAUTY:I take regular baths with these Swiss herbal bath oils. I also make a yogurt and honey mask in a little soy sauce dish in the bathroom. It's really hydrating. For a night out, I love my best fitting jeans and vintage costume jewelry. I also have these amazing red sequin Miu Miu pumps.”

“My family is pretty much all writers; they never really knew much about dance. I actually discovered it pretty late, and had to learn it from a very anatomical point of view. I spent the few years post-college teaching at about every pilates studio in Manhattan and Brooklyn. I came to a point where I wanted to look at my future and be able to support my choreography financially but also not worry about getting teaching positions when I’m older. That’s when I decided to open my studio. Being a small-business owner, I’m just putting myself out there all the time. I always feel vulnerable. You just have to have this crazy blind faith. All this research says that when women are congratulated on something, they always speak in terms of ‘We.'  Like, ‘My team did this’ or ‘We worked really hard.'  Every time people are like, ‘Wow, I can’t believe you own two businesses,' I’m like, 'Meh.' But I’m learning to be like, 'Yes, it is hard. This is New York fucking City. It’s the hardest place to do anything.'”

ON FOOD AND BODY: "People always come to me with this random number, like, ‘Oh, I have to lose ten pounds.' But the goal really is to shift their body composition so that they have less fat and more lean muscle and look more toned. For that, you just need to find something that you enjoy doing. Sometimes when people have a big event coming up, they’re like, ‘Now’s the time to starve myself!’ Really, they should realize that now is the time to make sure they’re eating every four hours and good mixtures of complex carbs and proteins and fats. Ease up on the alcohol and sugar, and everything should be fine. So many women I work with seem to think food is the enemy, when they should understand that our bodies are complex and incredible machines. When you feed them efficiently, they’ll act efficiently.”


“I’m always reading a million books all at the same time. Right now, I’m reading '
Vagina', which is ah-mazing. I totally recommend it. It’s about how there’s a brain-nerve connection from the reproductive area and vagina—clitoris, vulva, birth canal—to the brain. It’s really the seat of our creativity and confidence. If that connection is damaged in some way, which is something the author experiences, the color sort of drains out of the world. And if you’re in an environment where you don’t feel respected or you’re being oppressed, the function of the nervous system there really decreases to the point that it affects your brain activity. You’re less demonstrative, and you’re less creative.”


ON HER FANTASY WEDDING: “Marilyn Monroe to Joe Dimaggo. I’d spend the afterparty dancing and making out with Paul Newman.”



Image: The Kong Blog