LaTonya Yvette

WHO: Latonya Yvette: Stylist, Artist, Mama

WHY SHE'S FOXY: Blogger, Clothing Maven + Momma of Two, this Stone Fox Style Maven Is Turning The Fashion World On It’s Head — One Fabulous Afro At A Time.


ON STYLING: “I was such a girly girl as a kid. I loved pink and purple. Everyone called me Puff Lala because my hair was huge and it was always bouncing around. I always wore leopard flares. My mom raised me and my four siblings on her own. She worked really hard. She loved to go shopping. She’d take us to to the mall and have us pick out our clothes. When I was a teenager, I used to work at the Esprit store in Soho. Then I moved to a fancy boutique on the Upper East Side, but the women who worked there tortured me. There was no creativity at all. Everyone was just kissing the customers’ asses. I only lasted for a week and half. Afterwards, I started working assisting stylists on photo shoots, and I decided to make it my career path.”


ON MEETING HER HUSBAND: “He was working at a pizza place in Brooklyn, and I was working at a clothing store around the corner. I’d go in there to get mac and cheese on my lunch breaks and one day he caught my eye. He was had these big blue eyes and Peace and Love tattooed on each arm. One day he came into the store and asked me to hang out. On our first date, he was really high. We watched a movie at his apartment and he was so nervous he was shaking, so I put the moves on him. We haven’t been apart since.”


ON WHY MARRIAGE IS CHALLENGING: “My mom was a single mom and my dad was abusive to her. She was overwhelmed and had five children to take care of. She always said, ‘Brothers and sisters are all you got. Lay your life on the line for them’, so I’ll go hard for anyone I care about. Peter has never experienced the gravity of that. He grew up in the suburbs of Maryland with one sister. They didn’t have a TV — just a huge yard. We had very different upbringings, and sometimes it’s easy to forget why we liked each other in the first place. Couples therapy helped me remember why I fell in love with him. He’s so kind. His intentions are completely pure.”


ON INSPIRATION: “I’m really in love with how Solange embraces color. She’ll color block and wear orange and blue. She’s fearless. I love that she's like, ‘fuck it, I can wear a dress over jeans with a fro’, and she doesn’t care what anyone thinks.”



FAVE LOVE BOOK: “‘How To Love’ by Thich Nhat Hanh”.

FAVE LOVE SONG: “Anything by Sam Cooke”.

FAVE LOVE MOVIE: “‘Pretty Woman’. My grandmother watched it all the time when we were kids, even though she was such a church lady.”

ON HER FANTASY WEDDING: “I’d love to be a fly on the wall at Rihanna’s wedding to Kanye West. It would be a total drug-filled spectacle. I would wear an insane vintage glittery ball gown with a crazy low back and my ass crack hanging out. Tons of ring, platforms heels, and  extensions in my fro to make it huge. Peter would be my date and we’d spend the after-party dancing our asses off, grinding half-naked on the dance floor.”