Anastasia Klaffert

Who: Anastasia Klaffert, Model, Hellcat, Healer


Why She's Foxy: A former foster kid and self-proclaimed sci-fi geek turned entrepreneur (she's an investor of NYC-based company higherDOSE), she's a grounded soul and great beauty who has found her calling in the cosmos.


On Her Early Years: "I was born in South Africa and grew up living between foster homes, my mom and my grandparents in Louisiana. I was quite rebellious with a chip on my shoulder until i left home and realized life is hard for everyone and its really what you make of it. When I was 15 I entered a modeling competition called Faces of the Future, which is where I got scouted and got offered a contract to model in Japan. I was a big tall dork who had never modeled and found myself living with other models in Japan for two months. It was definitely an experience. At 16 I ended up living in London, but money was so limited, I pretty much lived on weed, cookies and beer— I ended up gaining twelve pounds! So i took a break from modeling and waited tables to earn enough money to buy my flight back to South Africa."


On Modeling: “One of the worst modeling jobs I ever had was when I was about seventeen. This creepy photographer told me to put on all these sexy outfits and I was told to be sexy. I found it extremely uncomfortable. When you're that young you don't know how to say ‘this is not okay’. On a different occasion I had a photographer ask me to put my hands down my pants. He said the agency could not use these pictures, but he could. I quickly got my things and said goodbye. One of my favorite jobs  was for a European client who's slogan is a play on the words Imperfect and I’m perfect. I spent a week with incredible people, dancing non stop to amazing music and feeling extremely happy and comfortable.


On Her #Careergoals: “My husband and I are investors in HigherDOSE, essentially founded around the concept of reaching your natural high. I've been high from drugs before but the high i get after an infrared sauna is so much more sustainable and just feels incredible. Im releasing twenty percent of my toxins through seating instead of gaining toxins through drugs. I'm a certified health coach and nutritionist and am currently studying to be a Chinese herbalist. My goal is to have my own practice and apothecary, where I can work directly with people by offering them a tailored approach to healing. It all starts with health and the environment." 


On Meeting Her Husband + Marriage: "I met my husband Dennis through a friend, but he always tells me his first memory of me was the girl with the backpack in a night club. We were friends for a year, and then one day on the roof of the Soho House I was joking and said: 'Do you think we'd still be friends if we had sex'? Fast forward ten months, and we were getting married at City Hall. I wore an old dress from Zara. Afterwards we went to Bubbys for a quick brunch because I had to fly to Germany that same day for a shoot. A year later we ended up having a second wedding in Cape Town with 50 of our close friends and family. I believe people come into our lives for many different reasons but I also do believe that there are people that come into our lives that bring out the worst in us, which in turn brings out the best in us. Marriage is definitely a challenge and constantly teaches me about the importance of unconditional love and acceptance. I wouldn’t have it another way!"



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  2. Anastasia

 I was friends with my husband for a year, and one day he said "do you think we'd still be friends if we had sex"? Fast forward ten months, and we were getting married at City Hall."



Fantasy Wedding: "I would love to go to the wedding of Cher and Prince. It would be so insane and wild and creative and flamboyant. I would wear a sustainable vintage dress and spend the afterparty drinking tequila and having a deep conversation with my friend Lauren."


Fave Love Book: "The Souls Trilogy by Deborah Harkness. My husband always makes fun of me for being obsessed with Sci Fi."
Fave Love Song: "'Butterfly Waltz' by Pachelbel."
Fave Love Movie: "Pride and Prejudice."