April Hughes

April Hughes On Yellow Pantsuits, Bratty Little Sisters + Brushing Her Teeth To Beyonce
Who: April Hughes, Free Spirit, Stylist, Store Owner

Why She’s Foxy: Because she's an Alabama born and bred former athlete slash sorority sister turned Brooklyn stylist — whose sustainable store Oroboro is an enchanted hub for all things off-the-beaten-path and beautiful.

On Her Childhood: “I grew up in Alabama, in a pretty rural area outside of Birmingham. I played sports my whole life, so I had acquired a strict sports and academic upbringing. I went to Auburn, which is the classic big american university. I was the atypical sorority girl of Kappa Kappa Gamma. I didn’t make it all the way through, but it was fun for a minute. I enjoyed that experience of socially getting to know people but I was never living in the dorms or wearing bows.”

On Her Introduction To Fashion: “While I was in college I had this incredible professor who was pen pals with designers and fashion legacies in New York. He involved me in the CFDA, and from there I did an internship for Cynthia Rowley."

On Finding Her Way: “I spent a month at home with my parents after college and I’ll never forget my little bratty sister saying, ‘you should just move out, what are you doing home?’ One day, I got a call from the CFDA offering me a job to come work with them. I took the job for fifty dollars a day. Soon after, I found myself working in Broadway at night in the costume department. Then, I ran into an old Cynthia Rowley coworker, who was at Elle. There was a position open there so I interviewed for it. It was my first real winter and my interview fell on a blizzard day. I wore a terrible yellow pantsuit. I’m trudging through the snow to get to my interview at Elle and just thinking, ‘how is this ever going to work?’ I ended up getting the job. Then I went to Nylon for a while, and afterwards I became freelance. I've been on my own for almost thirteen years doing editorial and advertisement campaign styling.”

On Starting her store OROBORO: “Five years ago, I was itching to do something a bit more tangible. I also had a deep love for obscure designers —  younger, smaller batch ones that I couldn’t necessarily use in big editorials. It was a crazy time because I was pregnant with my second baby. At the time I had a partner, and I have to say I probably couldn’t have done it without her. We knew we wanted to be Williamsburg, and I don’t know if we had even officially sat down for a meeting before we found this place. We jumped on it. It’s like getting married quickly! Our first winter we’d be lucky if one person walked through the door. It was stressful, but we started small and the owners were supportive of small business. Now, we would like to grow into a bigger space, and maybe open up a second store. It’s a matter of assessing what we’re doing and how to make it different or better. Eventually we would love to have a home wares collection of our own.”

On Her Husband: “I met him at 2001 at a friend’s house while we were working on photography project. A few months later I ran into him on the street. I was leaving my then boyfriend’s birthday party and unlocking my bike. He was just standing there with two of his friends. My first impression was like, ‘who are these two gay guys?’, but I walked away with that feeling in my stomach, like I had to sort this shit out and get rid of this other boyfriend. We eventually ended up connecting at a DJ Shadow concert, and after that we’ve always been together. We have two kids."

On Style: “Twenty years ago I was stealing oversized flannel shirts from my dad and wearing them with acid wash jeans and Converse. Twenty years from now, I'll either be classic Italian put-together lady —  or weird old lady. You never know."

Fave Love Song: “Halo by Beyonce. My daughter loves it so much that she has to brush her teeth to it every night.”