Becca Thorpe

Who: Former Model, Agent, Leader Of The Pack

Why She's Foxy: A former college basketball star turned model turned plus-size Muse Modeling agent, she’s pioneering a new frontier of fashion + beauty one plus-size casting at at time.

On Meeting Her Husband: "When I first met my husband, I was on the road all the time. It was hi for two days, bye for seven days. We were together two years before we got engaged. We met on I know. I’m one of those. I’m totally old school. He was the first guy that I reached out to, and I just wrote: “You look fun. You just do.” On our first date, my first thought was you’re not 5’11. He’s really 5’10. And I’m 5’11. I was like mhmm…. We went to Belmont, and bet on horses. Then we went to a jazz club. I met his uncle that first night, and we hung out until 4 or 5 o’clock in the morning. It was the date that never ended, as we like to say."


Pic by Chandley Borges

On Her Wedding: "We had both been married previously, and we’d both had the pomp and circumstance. This go-around, we wanted to keep it really low-key. So we had friends come over for dinner and that was that. I had the worst time finding a dress.  I ended up going to L.K. Bennett, and I got something for $160."  

On Routines + Marriage: "On weekdays, I practice the art of not checking emails right away. Instead, I have coffee in bed with my husband at 6:15, then we take the dog for a walk. Sometimes I get in the car and pretend I’m from the suburbs and go grocery shopping in New Jersey. My husband finds my job fascinating; he loves the fact that it’s always a chess game, a total roller coaster. Even though we have our independent lives, I fill him in on what's going on in my day-to-day. It's really important to have people in your life who can ride the highs and low with you. I think my view of my love—as I know it now, as a grown woman—is very much about the day-in and day-out. That’s where love shines the most—in the daily routine."

On Being A Model Way Back When: "Twenty years ago, I had just graduated high school in Annapolis, Maryland.  My Mom still made my clothes! I was a real nineties girl — I loved Doc Martins, platforms and chokers. I thought I was going to college to play basketball and major in music. I was scouted in Philly one night at a bar. It started off as just extra money for beer. I remember being kicked off a photo shoot once early on because I didn’t know what I was doing. I remember counting pennies to get on the bus for castings. I don’t easily forget those things — they help me have a lot of care and empathy for the models who are just starting out."

Model Wall At MUSE

On The Plus-Size Modeling World: "When MUSE first offered me the job, I turned it down. But then I realized that it would be opportunity to uses my business and communication skills. So I started a Plus Size division. It’s different world than it used to be. Now, social media numbers matter, personality matters, tattoos don’t really matter. The standard mold of what a model should be has been completely flipped on it’s head. At MUSE, we have models of all sizes. It’s really inspiring how inclusive the modeling industry has become. “Plus Size” is an industry term, so I’m not offended by it. It’s not meant to be a personal offense to who people are as human beings. Brands are always looking for something specific, and they ask for exactly what they need. Sometimes when I’m sending models over to a client, I’ll be a little sneaky and send someone that they may not have thought of. There’s a lot more to this job than just putting information in a chart. I'm also nurturing and encouraging these beautiful girls to know themselves, to be comfortable and confident in who they are. Here comes the cliché: When you wake up in the morning,  decide how you treat yourself. You decide how beautiful you feel. It’s an inside-out thing. In your silent moments, tell yourself, 'I am good enough. I am worthy'. That tends to shine out. Girls going out on castings are insecure. It’s hard.'"

On Feeling Beautiful: "With my Hair in a bun—my husband calls it 'the vegetable root', — growing out of the top of my head, drinking wine, cooking dinner with my husband."



Pics by Chandley Borges