Camille Goutal

Camille Goutal on Paris, Prehistoric Objects and Harry Potter's Wedding


Who: Camille Goutal: Romantic, Innovator, Scents Maker


Why She’s Foxy: As the daughter of the legendary perfumer Annick Goutal, and Artistic Director of the internationally acclaimed eponymous fragrance brand, she spends her life creating alchemy out of nature’s most intoxicating scents (think vanilla, wild roses, frangipani) and spreading emotional truth through love and perfume.


On Her Childhood: "I grew up in Paris, but my father was always taking me outside of Paris after school. We would go fishing in the countryside, pick mushrooms or wild strawberries, and search for prehistoric objects in the fields. I was a real tomboy. My father is a painter and he also brought me to a lot of exhibitions. At home, there was always a lot of music since my stepfather is a cellist. Despite the illness of my mother and aunts (they fought with cancer for years), I had a very warm and tender childhood, surrounded with cousins, spending our holidays in South of France or Ré Island where my mother had a house. It was very sad sometimes of course, but I’ve always decided to see only the joy and love I’ve had in my life."


On Her Mother, Annick Goutal: "She was very elegant, funny and generous. After a few years spent as a pianist then a model, she wanted to sell cosmetic products. As they were full of natural ingredients, they had a strange scent and she decided to perfume her creams. That’s how she discovered the world of fragrance. She was so nice and stunning that all the male perfumers were fighting to train her!"


On Her Role As Artistic Director at Annick Goutal: "I’m in charge of all the creations. It’s very interesting to be both on the creation of fragrance and to work with the marketing team to develop everything around the fragrance, bottles, packaging, pictures, shop windows. I also work with the sales department to support the brand in France and abroad. As a creator, I love discovering the work of other creators. It’s very interesting and touching sometimes. My partner Isabelle and I have created something like 30 fragrances in the past 18 years that are all rooted in emotion. Our goal is to pass that on to our clients."

On Being a Mama of Two: "I don’t mind cancelling a meeting for them. Nowadays, we all have crazy lives, so in the end, family is all that matters. Even if I traveled a lot when they were young, I never missed a birthday, or an important moment at school. I’ve always been very independent, I need to spend some time alone, but my daughters are used to it, they understand why and they know they can count on me. They are two great, funny and beautiful teenagers. Independent (like their mother and father!) but very respectful."


Fave Love Song:

"Oh my god, so many. Elvis: 'Can’t Help Falling In Love', Texas: 'Saint', Mary J. Blige/Method Man/Puff Daddy: 'I’ll be there for you', Chet Faker: 'Cigarettes and Loneliness', Ben Howard: 'I Forgot Where We Were'.


Fave Love Movie:

"'Happiness Therapy; 'Love Actually', 'Titanic', 'The Notebook', 'Atonement', 'The Adjustment Bureau', 'The Holiday', 'Crazy Stupid Love', 'Gone with the Wind'.


Fave Book on Love: 'Pride and Prejudice', 'Wuthering Heights', 'Romeo and Juliet',


Fantasy Wedding: "I’d like to attend any wedding of the Harry Potter characters, just for the fun of it and to bring back a part of my childhood. I’d bring all my family and wear lace and my Patricia Blanchet red glitter shoes, and of course my magic wand made of stars."