Carissa Alvarado

Carissa Alvarado on Ballet, ‘The Book Of Life’ and How Her Wedding Song Went Viral

Who: Carissa Alvarado, Youtube Superstar, Viral Sensation, ½ Us The Duo


Why She’s Foxy: Although her social media savvy and sultry vocals skyrocketed her to instant internet stardom —  her heart and soul remained rooted in authenticity, music and marriage.

On Falling In Love With Music: “I was raised in Southern California. I was actually a dancer before a singer — dancing was my first love. I started ballet and tap when I was about five years old, then joined a competitive dance team and danced for commercials, tv shows and music videos. When I was thirteen, I realized I wanted to focus on singing. So I started singing solo and making Youtube videos and playing at college shows.”


On Meeting Michael: “I met Michael in LA through a Youtube friend that we had in common. There was a spark between us from the start. He went back to the East Coast, but we stayed in touch through Twitter and Facebook and Skype and Facetime. He moved out LA and we started dating, we got engaged on Thanksgiving and married quickly after that. Everything happened really fast.”


On Becoming ‘Us The Duo’: “Michael and I harmonized so well together. Everything gelled from the start! We started doing six second covers on Vine, and within thirty days, we had a million followers. We actually sang our song ‘No Matter Where You Are’ at our wedding. We put it online at went viral. A lot of news outlets picked it up and then it ended up being put into a movie ‘The Book of Life’, which was really crazy. Then Oprah saw the movie, loved the song and wanted to have us on tour with her. It was really crazy and such an honor. She actually surprised us on stage one time. I heard someone behind us say, ‘you guys sound awesome.’ I turned around and it was Oprah — I was in complete shock.” 

On Balancing Her Relationship With Her Career: “It was pretty tough in the beginning, but now we have finally figured it out. If we have an issue or a little fight before we are going up on stage we definitely make sure that we clear that up before we go on. I feel like fans that come to our shows can sense things like that and we just want to be completely real and genuine with #usthefamily and give them the best we can with our shows. We make sure that we are on a good level and space in our relationship first before we go and work. We also make time for ourselves.  He goes out and plays basketball. I go out with the girls and grab a drink.”


On Her Five Fave Essentials: “Bose noise canceling headphones, Glossier lip balm, face mist, hand lotion, hand sanitizer — I am the biggest germaphobe you'll ever meet.”


Guilty Pleasure Insta-accounts: “The Kardashians! Also, I recently started watching people play with goo and slime on the popular page.”


On her nightly routine: “Check all of my social media accounts at least three times.  I usually light a candle next to my bed and go to the bathroom and wash up. I have this nightly routine with all my serums — I use Glossier, Drunk Elephant, La Mer and SkinCeuticals and a lot of others. I usually read a little bit. Right now I am reading a book called Present Over Perfect. It is teaching myself to be present and in the moment. Not pushing yourself too hard and into the ground.”


Fave Love Book: “‘The Meaning Of Marriage’ by Timothy Keller”.


Pics by Sean Martin