Latham Thomas

Latham Thomas on Pollution, Plant-Based Diets and Being a Pregnant Bride


Who: Yogi, Doula, Maven Of The Mama Glow


Why She's Foxy: Years ago a Vedic Astrologer told her 'you're supposed to mother the mother' and she took his advice to heart. She is now a celebrity doula, maternity lifestyle guru and founder of Mama Glow — a website devoted to guiding women in grace and wisdom before, during and after birth.  


On Becoming A Doula: "I was teaching yoga in an ashram in the Bahamas on my birthday, and a Vedic Astrologer gave me a reading in a little hut. He did this whole ritual and emerged with a bunch of numbers that I had to keep track of, then in really broken English he told me: 'you're supposed to mother the mother.'. When I got back to New York, I filled out a doula training application and when I woke up a few weeks later to check my email, I saw the dates that the astrologer talked about right in my inbox. Then I knew I had to take the reigns and move forward. The practice came together really easily. It was so fluid, like water. My goal is to be a firm, unwavering presence, to not vacillate in my support. I want them to know I am not going anywhere. To know what they need before they know what they need —  dab their lips with chapstick, rub their scalp, give them water."


On Childbirth: "Thirteen years ago, my water broke at 12:30 am after I'd been walking around the city for hours. It was July and I was already a week late and I was listening to Mahalia Jackson in bed. She started to wail and it was really emotional and all of the sudden, my water broke. So much water, like Miranda in 'Sex In The City'. He was born at one in the morning and I walked home at six. I was like ‘You are letting me leave with this baby? Where are the grown ups?’ My mom flew in and took care of me. She took all the guests, received them, made them wash their hands, did my hair, ran my bath. She was fiercely protective."


On Wellness: "I grew up in Oakland, California, where there is very generous soil and where we grew our own food. I was always around conscious living and wellness. When I was seven years old, I studied with a master herbalist. I've been a vegan since I was thirteen; I believe in a plant-based diet. I urge moms who live in cities where there is a lot of pollution and toxicity to use supplements like stinging nettles and to drink raspberry leaf tea. If they have trouble eating their vegetables, protein shakes and smoothies are good, especially in their first trimester.”

Advice For Pregnant Brides: "Definitely get a planner who can be your doula through the planning process. Having a wedding when you're pregnant is super stressful. Make sure you surround yourself with your sister circle — supportive friends who can come to your fittings and be your cheerleader. And if your feet are to swollen for heels, wear a kitten heel or sandals."


Fave Song: "Aretha Franklin's 'A Rose Is Just A Rose'."


Fave Book: “'Dream Birth' by Catherine Shainberg."


Dream Wedding: “I would have loved to go to my grandparents' wedding. They’ve been married for fifty years. They got divorced once and then remarried. I would take my fiance and wear a vintage lace dress.  We’d spend the after party dancing to a live jazz band. “