Dee Poku

On L.A., Women’s Leadership and Drake and Rihanna's Wedding


Who: Dee Poku, Mama to Sebastian, Social Entrepreneur, CEO of Women Enterprise & Inspiration Network


Why She’s Foxy: Because she's on a mission to bettering the lives of women in business. 

On Her Childhood: “I was born in the UK, and went back in forth from the there and Ghana. I was a very well behaved and studious child. My mom described me as helpful and good at school. I spent the first six years of my life in the UK, and then we moved to Ghana. It took a lot of getting used to. Ghana was more free and open. My parents are both in the medical profession and were strict with grades and homework. They expected us to be very focused — I’ve carried that focus with me throughout the years.”


On WIE: “I was living in New York, working for Focus Features and then I started working for Paramount so I moved out to L.A. I wasn’t excited about it because I’m such a city girl, but I ended up staying there four four and a half years and loving the weather, the lifestyle and the beach. Eventually, though, I moved back to New York. I loved the movie industry but there was a lot of sexism and racism. I was trying to negotiate my salary, and get promoted, and have a decent work-life balance with flexible hours, but I didn’t have any mentors to help me. That was the reason I started WIE — I wanted to create a strong support system for women in the industry.  The goal was to establish an influential women’s leadership network to connect emerging female leaders and equip the next generation with the tools they need to succeed.”

On Marriage + Motherhood: “I got engaged, planned a huge destination wedding in Ghana, and then found out I was pregnant! We had to reschedule the wedding until after Sebastian was born. Instead, at nine months, we got married at City Hall in August  little white dress. Afterwards, we went for lunch. My son Sebastian is four years old. He is a cool, fun caring good boy. Managing being a mom, speaker and a business owner in Brooklyn is a lot. I’m bad at practicing self-care. Hopefully I’ll learn, but I do try to grab a little meditation time.  On weekends we like to go upstate. We take what we can get.”


Fave Love Book: “‘The Namesake’ by Jhumpa Lahiri”


Fave Love Song: “‘At Last’ by Etta James. It was going to be our wedding song.”


Love Movie: “‘Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind’”.

Fantasy Wedding: “Drake and Rihanna in the English countryside. I would wear a floral dress with a rock star twist.”