Sarah Schneider

Sarah Schneider On Vintage Halston, BMX + Breaking The Rules Of Dating


Who: Sarah Schneider, Denim Diva, Founder of Downtown NYC's Egg Shop, Tour de Force


Why She’s Foxy:  She's a San Diego native turned bonafied Loisada who turned a brainchild into a business and eats eggs 'every frickin day'.Getting to NYC: “I'm from San Diego. I moved to nyc in 2001 two months before 9/11.  I came for a trip to see a friend and I never left.  I got here and I was like “I'M STAYING”.  I thought I would be here a year and never left.  I got a job right away in retail at Lucky Brand and they promoted me really quick to wholesale.  That led to a whole long fourteen year career working in fashion wholesale with the denim brands—AG, Levis, PRPS, True Religion.”


On her Husband: “Demetri and I met at the end of 05. I was drinking margs to-go at The Hat in the Lower East Side with a girlfriend.  There was a group of guys on BMX bikes there that were adorable and I spotted D but we didn't chat.  His friend approached my friend, they exchanged numbers, we all became friends, and I met him again at a bar a few weeks later.  We had this random, fun, make out and a few weeks later we ended up at a friends in the Hamptons where I broke all of the “rules”—had lots of sex—and I was freaking out thinking he wasn't going to call me again.  But from that point on we just never stopped seeing each other and I quickly fell in love.  He was my partner and teammate and we never questioned that so I was never sure if marriage was for me.  Nine years later at Egg Shop opening night he proposed.  I was shocked! We got married in Tulum last February.  It was super beach chic. Marriage is such a partnership—everything i'm good at is not his strongest and vice versa.  There’s no jealousy, just trust.”

On Egg Shop:Egg shop was a brain child of mine.  It stemmed from this want for something I couldn't find in NY.  I had this idea and wouldn't stop talking about it for years.  I kept kept saying ‘egg sandwiches, egg sandwiches, egg bowls, healthy, indulgent’. I'm totally a bodega sandwich girl but I was really looking for something sustainable, healthy, and organic—I wanted options! Even though I was super happy and loved my job, I just couldn't get Egg Shop off my mind.  All of my friends thought I was crazy.  It was really just an idea until one day D and a friend of ours said ‘let's just write a business plan, lets see how it would work’.  I knew egg sandwiches had a cult following so I just felt people would love it. The idea of opening a business was exciting but terrifying.  When everything was in place except for the location, I had this moment of fear that it was never going to happen. Now we go through 400 eggs a day and we’re opening a second location.”

On Balance: “It took almost two years after I opened the restaurant to not be there 24/7.  I was so overwhelmed, I begged my baby sister to move to NYC to manage my nights. I do pilates about four times a week.  I have a bad back and after being on my feet all day and night, I knew I had to take care of it.  Pilates is my way of doing that.”

On Eating Eggs: “I eat eggs every frickin day.”

Best And Worst Day: “Super early on when it was all very new—it was a bustling Saturday brunch, I mean slammed, and all of a sudden ALL of the lights go out.  Power off. For a moment I panicked until my cook started bringing candles out and someone yelled out ‘cocktails on us!’  It turned into a hilarious lovely minute. Best day was opening day.”

Pic by Hannah Schneider


Fantasy Wedding:  “Stevie Nicks and Tom Petty. I would wear vintage Halston and I would bring all of my homies.  Basically rock n roll vibes circa late 70’s, in Greece.  The afterparty would be on the beach where anything goes….”


Fave Book:Just Kids by Patti Smith”


Fave Movie: “Dirty Dancing”

Fave Song: “Crazy Love by Van Morrison”