Emma Straub

Fox Du Jour Emma Straub on Novels, Rom Coms, and Cuddling


Who: Emma Straub-- Mama, Novelist, and New Yorker

Why She’s FoxyIn between riding her bike, watching rom-coms, caring for her kids and obsessing over lost love songs, she writes books. Four of them, in fact. And  is a two time New York Times Bestseller.



On Meeting Her Husband: "We both worked at the same publishing company, but we met browsing the music store around the corner on our lunch break. Pretty soon he was loitering around my desk a lot. I quit a few months later. We've been together for fourteen years now. Our wedding was hilarious; there were thirty people in my parents' dining room. There was a lot of laughter."


On Being a Mom: "The best part is the cuddling. My older son is almost three, and he's a champion cuddler. I love the weight of him in my lap. I love my baby's hand flat against my chest while I feed him. The worst part is the total unpredictability of every single day, and the lack of endless, stupid sleep."



On Marriage and its Challenges: "Right now, with two kids under three, the biggest challenge is making sure we have time to do things together. My husband bought me a bike for my birthday last month, and my whole dream was for the two of us to ride to the Shake Shack, have lunch, and ride home. It took us about three weeks to find an hour to do it, but we did. My next dream is going to the movies in the afternoon, one of life's great pleasures."


On Becoming a Novelist: "I started one page at a time, just like everybody else. I always knew that I wanted to be a writer. In college, I was a poetry major, but I suppose I always knew that I wouldn't be a poet. I love reading novels more than anything else, and it also seems like the best way to be a professional writer. If you're willing to work all the time, and to be prolific, the work can sustain you in a way that most other freelance writing jobs can't. I wrote several novels when I was young that didn't sell, but they were just practice. I like to think I'm still learning."


"Our wedding was hilarious; there were thirty people in my parents' dining room. There was a lot of laughter."


Fave Love Song: "When I put my baby to sleep, I sing him You You You You You, which is a song written by my friend Stephin from the Magnetic Fields, and which he sang at my wedding. It's totally over the top, but it perfectly describes how I feel about my children."


Fave Love Movie: "I love a rom-com. High school rom-coms, 80s rom-coms, mediocre rom-coms. If it's rom-y and com-y, I'm in. Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore are my favorite favorites, so the perfect zenith of the genre (according to me) is Music and Lyrics, in which they star together. It's an underrated classic. Hugh Grant can sometimes be too smarmy, but not here. Drew is infallible, utterly."



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