Erin McKenna

Who: Erin McKenna, Baker, Entrepreneur, Abider Of The Cosmos

Why She’s Foxy: With the launch of her eponymous Lower East Side vegan bakery over ten years ago, she made the cupcake cool again.



On Her Routine: "Everyday I wake up before my four year old and two year old to work out. if I don't do it,  just feel awful.  Then I get the kids ready, and come into the bakery to check the baking and  staff. Even though I'm always putting out fires, I always find a little space to be creative. Then I grab the kids and meditate for about twenty minutes on my bed — that's where I get all my best ideas originate from."


On Manifesting Her Dream: "When I was working as a fashion assistant for a magazine, I was really depressed. My soul was crying every night. I was like: "here I am and I don't want to do this, so what's next?’ A week later I had the idea of for a vegan bakery. I wanted to create a bakery where anyone could just walk in — some place I'd like to go after dinner and hang out."

On Family: I met my husband a couple of years before the bakery opened. I brought a bunch of disgusting samples to a BBQ he was having and he told me how delicious they were. Later on he confessed how disgusting they really were. We weren't looking for anything serious but it somehow just turned serious really fast and we got married a couple years later. I was always afraid of having kids because I thought it was going to cause me to lose my business.  I'm not as available as I used to be, but I definitely get a lot more done now that I'm a mom." 


On Her Best + Worst Day In Business:  "When we were just a hole in the wall bakery, we got voted 'Best In NY'— and we were up against all these huge bakeries.  It was very magical, like straight out of a movie. The worst day was when we only had three customers the whole day after New Years. I thought it was the end, but turn out everyone was just on a diet after the holidays!"


Fave Love Song: "Ladies and Gentlemen We're Floating In Space by Spiritualized"


Fave Love Book: "Me Before You by JoJo Moyes"

Fantasy Wedding: "Shirley Maclaine and Jack Nicholson. I'd wear an Electric Feather dress because I think Shirley would be so into it that she couldn't help but come up to me and compliment my outfit.  Then we'd casually start talking about spiritual laws and the mysteries of the universe."