Georgie Greville

Georgie Greville on Milk Makeup, Meditating With Alice Coltrane, And Being Maxed Out ("In The Best Way!") As A Working Mama Of One.


Who: Georgie Greville, Former Boarding School Subordinate, Creative Director of Milk Makeup,  Founder of Legs Media


Why She’s Foxy: From MTV music videos to artsy glam rock fashion films to a forward-thinking makeup line for the free-spirited powerhouse, she's forever been Creative Director to some of the coolest projects on the cutting edge of pop culture.

On Growing Up: “During my childhood I lived in Australia, Singapore, and London. Six year chunks; international schools the whole time. I grew up with people skills and an open-minded way of seeing the world. I ended up going to an intensely preppy boarding school, and I rebelled against quite a bit. Snuck out of my dorm room all the time and dated the skateboarder-punks. Like like a Fast Times At Ridgemont High, John Hughes-kinda-thing. We had this awesome small dorm, and our house counselor was the diving coach, who was also a Patriots football cheerleader. She was totally out of her mind. She took us to strip clubs."


On Her Parents:My parents’ marriage was always really loving. My dad is from England, and my mom is a Virginia southern girl. They met completely randomly in NYC. My dad got stood up on a date, was just looking around, and she was the first girl he saw at CitiBank. The rest is history."

On Her Husband: “I met him a long time ago. We were both working at MTV in 2001. Like-minded people in a corporate place like that always seem to find each other. He ended up leaving MTV to tour with his band — they toured with The Hives and The Kills during the whole rock resurgence. He was doing really well. I was only a groupie at that point. As 99% of bands do, they have to face reality and call it quits. Then we started working together, and it was so there. Right from the start. A year and a half later, I left MTV and he started helping me with my music aspect of all my outside projects. At first we wanted to form an underground TV channel. We were going for spontaneous rock n’ roll, artsy glam stuff that’s also weird and allowed to be free. Diesel was looking for a kind of one stop shop creative company to do an underground channel for them — it was eerily similar, except darker. We ended up getting the gig, and we were off to the races."


On Launching Milk Makeup: “I had some down time in between projects so I wrote a whole brief and pitched it to the co-founder of Milk Studio. It had to be a modern, race and gender free make up line, yet conscientious and made of great stuff. We took it to Sephora without even showing a physical product and they were like, ‘we’re in.’ All of a sudden, we had eighty-five products."


On Being A Working Mom: “I have a three-year old boy named Sid. He's awesome. I take pride in balancing it out. Some days I want to come in early, but some days I want to walk my kid to school. And I’m unapologetic about that. I take one day a week to pick my kid up from school. My whole team is women — they are fucking awesome. I’m one of the only women at Milk who has a kid, so I am sort of a role model for my co-workers. These girls need to see that it’s possible. If you’re freaking out, you need to go to yoga, get a massage, take a long lunch, or go walk, please do. This is not a prison.”

On Her Future Self: “I’m going to have a Rei Kawakubo vibe: modern, silly, art teacher, Japanese inspired. Bright lipstick, big ass sweaters, skinny pants, tinted glasses."

Fave Book: “Just Kids’ by Patti Smith. It portrays love as a verb in the best of ways.”

Fantasy Wedding: “John Lennon and Prince inside the Great Pyramid of Giza. Everyone would wear white. It would start as a deep seance and meditation session led by Alice Coltrane, then morph into a psychedelic 48 hour Bed-In."