Karyn Starr

Karyn Starr on Bob Marley's Wedding, Black Bell Bottoms And Being A Little Slutty
Who: Karyn Starr, Entrepreneur, Trailblazer, Truth Teller 

Why She's Foxy: She's a personal stylist + proud mama of two who uses her sartorial skill set to help women find their truth through fashion.

On Her Career: "I went to Sarah Lawrence, graduated in 2001 and started in textile design in a really corporate job. I had a friend at Domino Magazine and I started to bring clothes to the shoot. People started asking me if I would ever do personal styling. I used to think that was only for celebrities, but I realized there was a gap in the market. I have clients ranging from late twenties to early seventies. I would say the engine of my business is women from thirty-five to fifty-five. Like busy successful women who don’t have time to style their wardrobe. A lot of them have style and are editors, architects, interior designers, artists and gallerists.  Within five minutes of meeting me they’re in their underwear. The first meeting is usually around five hours. It's really deep. I'm trying to help people find their spirit clothes, that actually reflect their soul, not a costume."

On Meeting Her Husband: "I was in high school. He dated a friend of mine, and I really didn’t like him. Then I re-met him when I was twenty-five at the funeral of one of my best friends.  He knew I was really heart broken and he was really sweet which made me feel soft about him. I was like, 'maybe Gary Johnson’s not that bad'. In the Spring I was dating someone new and he was dating someone and they had similar social circles, so we ended up at the same parties all the time. We would talk until three in the morning. Then I remember walking home to my apartment and thinking, 'oh my gosh I totally have a crush on Gary Johnson'. I think I felt kind of sick. The first time I kissed him my whole body shook. We were in my apartment in Greenpoint. That was it. It was like fuck, it’s over. I tried breaking up with him three months later because I didn’t want a boyfriend. Meanwhile he was going around telling his friends he was in love. We got back together three weeks later. That was in 2003, we moved in together August 26th, 2004, He proposed August 26th, 2005, and married August 26, 2006. That was just before I started my business. It was really daring and crazy."

On Being Pregnant: "I’ve been pregnant five times and have two children. Two miscarriages and I lost a baby girl last spring. I went to a routine checkup and they said everything looks great. Then the room went silent and they said her heart had stopped growing.  I was on the table at Mount Sinai for hours because they just hoped they would see some blood flow from the left side of her heart to the right side of her heart— then she could have been a candidate for a really rare heart surgery. But there was just no blood flow. Gary and I made the decision together to end the pregnancy because she would have had no chance at a good life. I’m a mom and my sons need me. I would have lived in a hospital. I believe every woman on our planet should have the right to this decision. Had I lived in many other states, I would not have been able to [have a late term abortion]. I had a really dangerous, life threatening, palpitation from the procedure, so I went home and then I started to bleed and had to be rushed back to the hospital for a blood transfusion and emergency surgery."

On Her Evolving Style: "I used to have dreadlocks and live in Vermont. Then I wore a lot of black and dresses over pants —  I was obsessed with these amazing black Calvin Klein skinny flared bell bottoms and black boots with silver buckles. In twenty years I'll have big glasses and a bob."

On Her Perfect Day: "Skiing in three feet of fresh powder in the early morning with Gary."

Advice To The Younger Generation: "The universe rewards hard work. And don't be so hard on yourself. And be a little slutty — just do whatever you want as long as you feel good about it."

Fave Love Book: "Anna Karenina"

Fave Love Song: "'If Not For You' By Bob Dylan"

Fantasy Wedding: "Bob Marley and Kate Moss. I would wear the best dress with a bikini underneath, take Zach Galifianakis as my date and spend the after party dancing all night long to reggae. "