Kate Schaefer

Kate Schaefer On Queer Sex, The Language Of Flowers +  Rupaul’s Wedding

Who: Kate Schaefer, Photographer, Feminist, Founder of H&H Weddings

Why She’s Foxy: She’s a Minnesota born artist who founded H&H Weddings —  a website dedicated to providing LGBTQ couples the resources they need to saunter gracefully down the aisle.

On Moving to New York: “I grew up in Minnesota. When I was about to graduate high school I knew that I wanted to at least try living in NYC so I applied to The School of Visual Arts for photography. It was less about the photography and more about New York. I figured if I didn’t come for college I probably never would.”  

On Starting H&H Weddings: “I read a Huffington Post piece written by a bride-to-be who was venting about, how as a lesbian, she had nowhere to turn for wedding ideas and inspiration. I was like, ‘that seems crazy, we live in New York’. I started googling and I realized there really wasn’t anything for a normal, modern, LGBTQ person who wanted to get married. I was working at a restaurant with a girl who was interning with a wedding planner and she was like, ‘we should do something about that’.  We were able to launch the site with six months of content because people were so willing to submit to us. It’s grown organically from there.”

On Queer Sex and Change: “Since I started H&H, the change that I wanted to see in the wedding industry in a lot of ways has happened. We have the wedding thing down, now what’s next? I would like to explore the sex industry from a queer perspective. Most of the sex industry is created from a male view point. The current political situation also brought to light race and gender issues. Our president is a vile creature but he’s been a catalyst for a lot of these movements to come to the forefront."

On Her Dream Day: “On the beach in Bora Bora with Ellen DeGeneres and Michelle Obama. In one of those little tiki huts getting a massage and drinking a margarita.” 

Fave Love Book: “My mom just recommended this book called 'The Language of Flowers', I thought it was going to be super cheesy but it was great.” 

Fave Love Song: “A Leon Bridges song. I love Leon Bridges.”

Fantasy Wedding: “Rupaul’s wedding in some underground club in Brooklyn. It would probably be a foam party and we would probably all be naked. I would take Lady Gaga as my guest."