Lauren Chan

 Lauren Chan On Full Time Jobs, Team Sports + Chrissy Teigen's wedding


Who: Lauren Chan, Former Ford Model, Fashion Features Editor of Glamour Magazine, Industry Game-Changer


Why She’s Foxy: She's a former basketball champ and Ford model turned fashion writer who believes in basketball, inner truth and the beauty of a hard day's work. 


Sports: “I grew up outside of Toronto. I loved school. I played basketball my whole life — I actually still play in an outdoor Coed league in Greenpoint. I started playing when I was five. I've learned so much from sports; its so helpful to apply the skills to my life today. To physically remember how to take direction. To learn to work with five people on the court at the same time. You learn that sometimes you're the team leader whose in charge — and sometimes you're the sixth man on the bench."


On Modeling: “I started modeling when I was twenty-one. I was sitting in class in university and read on a fashion blog that Ford was having it's first plus size open call. My dad and I got in the car and drove to New York that night. Modeling taught me something I will never forget — to not compare yourself to other people. It's just the end of you. It was very weird to be in a room of women competing for who looks better."


On Career: “After modeling for two years, I really wanted a full time job, but the market was so tough. No one was hiring. I had to take the backseat — I was watching other people get hired and start these great careers. It was hard."


On Her Parents: “My parents are both from Ontario — my Dad is a first generation Chinese and my mom is Armenian. I don't know what their wedding was like but based on the pics, my Mom’s dress was white with puffy short sleeves and you can tell my Dad was wearing a get-up grander than he's ever worn in his life.”


On Being A Fashion Editor at Glamour: “My job is a desk job, so most of the day I’m at my desk writing. I either wake up at six and go to the gym, or wake up at 7:30, and go straight to work. I have a few writing tasks throughout the day. Sometimes I have lunch with a potential writer, and there is usually there is a preview or an event about three nights a week."


Dream Day: “Vegetables chips, dumplings and Hulu."


Fantasy Wedding: “Chrissy Teigen and John Legend’s wedding. I would take my boyfriend as my date and spend the after party in my hotel room dizzy and trying to find the best pizza.”


Fave Love Movie: “Lots of Cameron Diaz. He's Just Not That Into You; What Happens In Vegas; The Holiday.


Fave Song: “Emmi has a mashup cover of Damien Rice’s Blowers Daughter and Drake’s Hold On, We’re Going Home."