Lucinda Trask

On the Chinatown Bus, Soft Fabrics + Love At First Sight


Who: Lucinda Trask: Patternmaker, Art Darling, Fashion Designer


Why She’s Foxy: As a trained patternmaker and former designer at Zac Posen, she could have seamlessly climbed the ranks of fashion royalty and become the next Stella. Instead, she decided to go rogue and pursue her true passion: constructing beautiful clothes.


On Growing Up: “My parents are married and madly in love. They met in New York in their late twenties and it was love at first sight.  They moved to Nepal in the late seventies to open an eco resort, and then to a beautiful estate in Cold Spring. It was over 500 acres — you could rent tiny farm houses on the property. My mom supported the family by professionally gardening while my dad started his business. I lived there until I was one. Then we moved to a tiny town New Jersey that was one square mile. It had a library, a coffee shop, a pizza place, and a pharmacy.”

On Fashion: “I didn’t realize I was into fashion and design until I was around 25, but I started sewing when I was in 3rd grade and started making my own clothes really early.  I would go to the thrift store to buy things and alter them. It was a creative outlet.  I was super serious about art from a very young age. Took every single art class that was available.  I even went to college for art. During a study abroad program, I learned more about sewing and couture pattern making—working with fabric and three-dimensional soft fabric items, but most of the clothes I made were for art installations. I moved to Philadelphia after college, and needed to make money so I started working in fashion purely for money. Patternmaking was my most marketable skill.”


On Zac Posen: “My first real internship was at Zac Posen. I applied for pattern making and the woman who hired me encouraged me to do the design internship instead. I had an incredible experience. We were thrown in head first — I started a week before the pre-Fall show and immediately started sewing accessories for them. We had our own internship room and ran it like an atelier with cutting machines, sewing machines, and patternmakers partnered with sewers. If you wanted to, you could be fully immersed very quickly. I was still living in Philly and working to support myself. I would take the Chinatown bus at 6:00AM, arrive in TriBeCa at 8:30 AM, grab a coffee, go to my internship, then spend the night two nights on my brother’s couch — and he had two little kids at the time.”


On LIKE Clothing: “I started my own clothing business so I could do whatever I wanted. I called it LIKE. My first collection was based on Carly Simon’s album cover.  It was very deliberate but I didn’t see it as a commercial collection, it was more of a conceptual art project.  I’m not inspired by the more typical wholesale, economic model of selling clothing so I concentrate on made-to-order clothing.”

Favorite Love Book: “‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ by Truman Capote.”

Fave Love Song: “‘Dreams’ by Fleetwood Mac and ‘A Case of You’ by Joni Mitchell.”

Fave Love Movie: “‘Pat and Mike' with Katharine Hepburn. ‘American Hustle’ is another one.”

Fantasy Wedding: “Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy.I would bring my boyfriend and wear a silk bias cut dress and a fur coat. The afterparty would be all about champagne and cigs and dancing.”


Pics by Mikey Neff