Margherita Missoni

Margherita Missoni on Taffeta, True Romance and Italian Countryside Weddings


Who: Margherita Missoni, Mama, Designer, Creator

Why She's Foxy: She's a mother of two, heiress to the Missoni fashion house, and childrenswear designer whose latest furniture collaboration for Pottery Barn Kids is a wild celebrations of whimsy and imagination.

On Her Parents Marriage: "My mother and father got married in the summer of 1982 in our home town of Sumirago. My mother was a couple of months pregnant with me and she wore an Ottoman-inspired outfit. The ensemble consisted of taffeta harem pants under a puffy taffeta skirt and a knitwear crop-top paired with a taffeta bolero, all in light pastels (we call them 'Missoni whites').  My father wore an all-white suit with a light green sash. Outside the church, they released dozens of colorful balloons."

On Weddings: "The first wedding I ever attended was in Gstaad. It was snowy and fairytale-like. The ceiling was dripping with white floral decorations, like snow falling on the guests. I always love weddings in the Italian countryside because there’s such an ease to everything, from the music to the decor to the cuisine.  I loved a wedding in Sevilla for which the dress code was 'light and bright' because the temperature was so hot. The song they played during the ceremony was 'Your Orgazum' by hollAnd/Mark Borthwick."


On Style: "I'm quite traditional in the sense that I would never do bare shoulders or wear sandals in church, nor black or white. One of my favorite outfits that I’ve worn to a wedding was an Isa Arfen red linen cape. It was just after I had given birth and I felt beautiful. I love Lauren Bacall, Diana Vreeland, Wally Simpson and Coco Chanel, because they each had such great style and conviction."

On Her Dream Day: "Flea market, picnic, champagne sunset, cuddles, music."

On Her New Collaboration with Pottery Barn Kids: "My childrenswear line, Margherita Kids, is very much about mixing and matching colors, textures and prints. I want to create pieces that encourage self-expression and inspire children to explore their individuality. I've taken this same design approach to the capsule I've designed with Pottery Barn Kids. I wanted to create a line of home décor that would inspire and empower kids to be imaginative imaginative and inventive." =

On Running A Business And A Family: "After the birth of my first son, I decided to take a break from the family’s business to concentrate on starting my own as a way to set my own schedule and focus on motherhood and my growing family. That move took a lot of courage. I work from home, which certainly helps. I eat with my sons, take them to the park in the afternoon and hop on conference calls while they nap. It’s important to find your rhythm and to remain patient with yourself. Things do get chaotic, but you just have to breathe and go with the flow."

Fave Love Movie: "True Romance."

Fave Love Book: "Love in the Time of Cholera."

Fave Love Song: "This Magic Moment by Lou Reed."

On Her Fantasy Wedding: "I would die to go to Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera. I would wear my hair braided and decorated with roses. I bet my sister would love to accompany me and we'd spend the afterparty dancing until tomorrow's sunset."