Nicolette Mason

Who: Nicolette Mason, Writer, Icon, Animal Lover


Why She's Foxy: She's a style icon and industry pioneer who's redefining the fashion world one word at a time.

Nicolette Mason

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On Meeting her Match"I met Ali online. I was trying to date casually and I wasn't looking for anything serious. On our first date we went to a dive bar, and then we hung out four times in one week. After we started dating we were standing outside the elevator, and she looked at me and said 'Whoa', 'I'm pretty sure I'm going to spend the rest of my life with you'. I was like, 'Hahaha'. A year and a half later we were married."



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On Being a Bicoastal Couple"Right before we got married we decided to go bicoastal. I think it's really important for anyone in a relationship, even if you're not traveling, to maintain independent lives. It's a key ingredient for a long lasting relationship. There is something to be said for knowing you're in it for the long haul. It adds a sense of security."


On Working in Fashion: "I grew up in LA, and as a teenager, I was very creative. I was obsessed with Betsey Johnson and always loved designing. After high school, I went to Parsons. I got my DBA and started interning. I interned at Chanel. I loved fashion but initially didn't want to pursue it. Shortly after my internship, I started working in branding. I started my own blog while I was at that job, and was then contacted by an editor at Vogue Italia. After I started writing there, I began working for many other publications as well, which brought me to where I am today."

Nicolette Mason

Pic by Chandley Borges


On Surreal Moments"I've had many pinch-me moments. The first one was when an editor from Vogue Italia asked me to contribute to the magazine. I never thought I would be allowed to work in fashion — it didn't seem like there was a space for someone who was visibly queer and fat. It was very scary for a long time. I didn't used to see people like me portrayed in a positive context.  It's been so exciting to be part of the shift."


On Her Style Icons: "Solange Knowles has the best style. She's the person I wish I dressed like, but I love her too much to copy. The way she wears color, plays with shape and volume, and supports emerging designers is incredible. I've also always loved Beth Ditto. Both of our style origins kind of came from a punk sensibility, and I love seeing how that has remained part of her fashion ethos. She's not afraid of wearing silhouettes that take up space and play with volume; I just love the shit out of that. Of course, I'm also obsessed with Diane Keaton. She's like, the queen of menswear, and she loves a good hat."



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Fave Insta Accounts"I follow a lot of animal accounts: @hamlet_the_piggy, @this_girl_is_a_squirrel, @bikke_the_chip, and @itsdougthepug. I love animals. A lot.

Fave Love Book: Just Kids by Patti Smith. It's not necessarily a traditional love story, but the story of love and friendship between Patti and Robert Mapplethorpe is beyond beautiful.

Fave Love Movie: "Annie Hall.. until my image of Woody Allen was completed corrupted.”


Fave Love Song/Album: Moon Pix by Cat Power! I may or may not have a tattoo with Cat Power lyrics....


On Her Fantasy Wedding: "David Bowie and Iman!! I would take Ali with me,  we'd wear something very En Vogue… maybe a vintage Schiaparelli gown."