Otegha Uwagba

Otegha Uwagba on Philosophy, Rookie Mag and Rihanna’s Wedding


Who: Otegha Uwagba, Author, Community Builder, Businesswoman,


Why She’s Foxy: After working in advertising and content, she fled the corporate world to rediscover her priorities, and founded Women Who —  an online community dedicated to supporting, inspiring, and bringing creative working women together.

On Her Childhood: “I was born in Nigeria and I grew up in South London which is where I still live. I would definitely say I am a Londoner. As a kid, I was slightly precocious — I was a high achiever at a young age. I always wanted to be at the top of the class.”


On her Early Career: “I studied philosophy and economics and ended up working at one of the big ad agencies in London. My role was to just make shit happen. Being an account manager is a similar discipline, no matter where you are.  It taught me a lot about being commercially aware and savvy and how to handle budgets and people. After a while I wanted to do something that was more my speed so I joined Vice London making content and video.”

On Female Competition: “All women are on the same team. It’s such a big principle for me. There’s a negative narrative around women not being able to work together. It’s an easy trap to fall into — and can often feel like there are limited number of seats offered at the table. But lifting eachother up is more effective.”


On Identifying An Unfair Workplace: “If something feels off, it probably is. Gaslighting and manipulation happens to a lot of women in the workplace. If it feels like someone is treating you differently and it feels gendered then it probably is — you’re not just being paranoid. That first step is recognizing it and being prepared to call it out. And not just sexual harassment — also things like being patronized or expected to be the admin because you’re the women working around five men. Lots of insidious stuff goes unnoticed by everyone.”

On her Idols: A lot of my idols are from media publications. I really like ‘The Gentlewoman’. I love their whole aesthetic and vibe so I read a lot of what their editor Penny Martin has done. I really admire well put together publications. I also love what Tavi Gevinson has done with ‘Rookie Mag’”


Fave Love Song: “‘Lovefool’ by The Cardigans.”


Fave Love Movie: “‘Say Anything’.”


Fantasy Wedding To Attend: “Rihanna. The groom doesn’t matter. She could literally be marrying herself and I would be there. I would have to bring all my girlfriends because they’re all huge Rihanna fans. They would kill me if I didn’t take them.”